7 Characteristic Traits That Make The Japanese Unique

What crosses your mind when you think about Japan? Sumo Wrestling, Sushi and Cherry Blossons. We associate Japan with that a lot. These aspects are monolithic in Japanese culture, but there they have some uniqueness that distinguished them from others. Japanese culture is one of the most intriguing ones and lauded. It has idyllic landscapes, clean surroundings and unmatched cultural values. In short, this is one of the most interesting places on earth to live in. But what really makes Japan a class apart?

Read on below to know:

They are pretty punctual:

All the public transport systems are orderly and bang on time. They give utmost importance to punctuality. A Japanese transport company recently released an apology to the commuters for being 25 seconds late! really?! More surprisingly, the trains issue late slips for the passengers to show to their employers if the train gets delayed even a minute.

They are very hardworking:

In fact, most hardworking than anyone you know. They will do justice to any work they take up. They describe the attitude towards their work as “Karoshi” which means ‘death by overwork’. The Japanese will never have qualms to do some extra work than their regular working hours. They will even take a nap in the office if they need.

Their diligence towards their work is unmatched:

The Japanese barely take any days off from their work. The Japanese workforce incorporate 200-400 hours more than countries such as Germany and France. Surprisingly, 17 percent Japanese people end up losing their paid vacations because they don’t use them at all. The Japanese drivers, recently, continued to ferry passengers despite being on a strike but they refused to take fares from them.

They are one of the politest lot you will see:

The Japanese hold greeting each other in high regard. You will often see them bow not only once, but thrice. Apart from greeting, you will see them apologizing and thanking people a lot. They also thrive on emotions like respect, appreciation and remorsefulness.

Their art of cleanliness is another level:

There are no janitors in Japanese schools because they clean the school by themselves. The students themselves clean the trash, sweep of swap to keep the place squeaky clean. You will often see the store owners sweeping the streets and sidewalks of their stores as well. In short, they are obsessed about cleanliness and this habit of them made history. You will be marveled to see waste collection system, anti-bacterial products and immaculately clean streets.

They combine their food hence they are healthier:

Their staple food is rice but they assort their food with fish, vegetables, fermented foods and eat them frequently. Eating this way helps them prevent from binging on processed foods that have more calories on each bite. The seafood in their diet help them maintain Omega-3 and Omega-6 in their bodies.

They follow an active lifestyle to remain fitter:

According to World Health Organization, more than 98% Japanese children bike or cycle to school because they like to stay active from their childhood itself. In fact, children get 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity just by going to school and back. They also have a tendency to walk after their meals which cut down a lot of calories from their body and help improve digestion.

These are the key traits, or lifestyle habits in Japanese people that make them different from others.



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