10 Awesome Tricks You Didn’t Know About The Xiaomi Mi3! It’s Amazing What This Smartphone Can Do!

Xiaomi Mi3, the hottest commodity on the planet, has taken the industry by storm and startled everyone with its outstanding internals and pricing. You should check out the following hidden features…

The new Xiaomi Mi3 is here and it doesn’t get any better than this!

We are all aware of the smashing launch of Xiaomi Mi3 on the popular on-line portal Flipkart, which generated a record-breaking 1,00,000 registrations within 39 minutes, resulting in temporary crashing of the website!

The magnificent specs of Xiaomi Mi3 have definitely managed to grab eyeballs and create waves in the smartphone market. However, apart from the configurations, there’s a lot more which this device has on offer.

Listed below are some of the features which will surprise you and prove why this device demands some special attention:

1).  The Mi3 comes loaded with Mi Cloud which enables users to access their contacts, images, and notes from any browser. One can instantly view photos and reply to messages from the web itself.

2).  Mobile devices bear data transfer limitations, but thanks to the MIUI’s data planner, the OS prompts and gives a warning once you are about to exceed the data limit. It also exhibits a list of apps which are consuming most of the data.

3).  Taking a screenshot was never so easy! Forget the old rule of pushing the power and down volume buttons together. Now you can just open the notification panel on the top of the screen, tap the Toggles tab, and there you see the Screenshot tab, which enables you to use the feature and view the image which gets saved in the Screenshots folder.

4).  Texting is simply fabulous with features which let you pin the important messages similar to bookmarking pages in a novel, choosing different subject titles while sending a message to multiple recipients, and much more.

5).  Like all other phones, changing themes on this smartphone is a cakewalk. However, with the new Xiaomi Mi3, there is a huge collection of astounding themes. One can also easily change the default font by selecting from an array of fonts in the Themes App and downloading the favorite ones.

6).  You can operate the touch screen of Mi3 with gloves! Yes! You read it right! The Xiaomi Mi3 boasts of the Glove Mode, an additional feature which other Xiaomi devices lack, enabling users to perform functions on the screen with their gloves on.

7).  Scared of going in the dark? Convert your camera flash into a flashlight by simply launching the Torch App in the Tools folder.

8).  With the dial pad-based note taking feature, users can effortlessly view all the notes compiled in a single place under the contact that sent the information initially.

9).  Have some fun with the front-facing camera which predicts the gender and age of the     person clicking the selfie.

10).  You can now record your conversations with your family and friends! The good news is that the device compresses the recordings in MP3 format without utilizing much space and allowing you to record all the conversations. Ahem! Now this could be dangerous too!

Considering these jaw-dropping features of Xiaomi Mi3, this smartphone is just too hot to handle!

The icing on the cake is the price of Xiaomi Mi3 which stands at INR 13,999 making it a truly tempting proposition. 

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