Humshakals Movie Review: Sajid Khan Is Back, But Why?

Humshakals’ movie review. Will talk about Sajid Khan’s experiment of having triple roles for his principal characters and how badly it fails.

Excruciating headache!

That could be the briefest possible review of any film, but don’t have many options.

To talk more about the movie is like disrespecting the intelligence of the complete human race!

But we will take that risk for the common good of common man.

Sajid Khan’s last offering was Himmatwala which is now counted among the worst movies of Indian Cinema. Now with Humshakals, he has really raised the bar of how badly a movie can be made. The only novelty factor in this flick is triple roles for the principal star cast and that too falls flat. It is supposed to be a comedy of errors but comedy is the only thing missing from this over-the-top so called fun ride.

The plot is thinner than the thin-crust pizzas available these days at every nook and corner and even they would taste better! Ashok (Saif Ali Khan) is a millionaire but his passion is to be a stand-up comedian. His best friend, Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) owns the comedy club and no matter what, keeps supporting his friend in all his endeavors. Ashok’s dad is in coma and his mama, Kunwar Amar Nath Singh, in short KANS mama (Ram Kapoor) conspires to declare Ashok mentally sick to become the owner of his business empire. How he does that, how Ashok and Kumar retaliate and how everyone’s duplicate or triplicate keep entering the storyline, one after another, is what this movie is all about!


Frankly speaking, the movie is not funny at all, the one-liners and pj’s can generate laughter only for yet-to-be born babies and performances will make the audience bang their head on walls! Saif is known for his comedy timing but here, he hams, hams and then hams some more. Riteish has mastered such roles, so for him it was no big deal, comedy or no-comedy. Ram Kapoor is trying to explore new avenues in movies but if this is his choice, somebody wake him up from his deep sleep! Supporting cast with the likes of Satish Shah, Suresh Menon, Chunkey Pandey has done what they were asked to. However, Satish Shah still shows why he is such a respected comedian after so many decades in the industry.

How can we forget the ornamental beauty of the film?

Yes, the heroines! Esha Gupta, Bipasha Basu and Tamannaah Bhatia are nothing more than the glamour dolls whose only job is to try and look sexy, keep smiling and mouth the silly dialogues given to them.

Wish they did even this much properly!

All in all, some kids might laugh during the movie, not at the jokes but at the silly happenings wondering why is this stupidity being passed off as a movie. For others, clearly a headache is on horizon!

Sajid Khan might still laugh his way to the bank for there would be many takers for his kind of idiotic cinema.

The rest of you, watch at your own risk!

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