5 Status Updates On Social Media That You Must Avoid


Your status update on social media speaks a lot about your personality.

At times we just want to unfriend some people from our lists because of their depressing statuses.

It has become almost a ritual now to update status giving accounts of our lifestyle, moods, ventures, outing, etc.

There are few updates that should seriously be avoided.

Death updates:

Recently there were reports on a man who took selfie with his deceased uncle and shared the picture on social media.

This one is probably the weirdest kind of update that I had come across. Unless your loved one is a big personality or a celebrity, you really don’t have to put the death update of that person on Facebook. Seriously I want to understand the psyche of people putting such updates on social media.

Moreover some people even put up funeral images…I mean, seriously???

death update

death update

Religious updates:

To follow your faith is great but a regular update on the same is just a bit too much. Imagine the plight of the friends in your list who follow or don’t follow your faith. It gets very irritating to read extremely strong religious views regularly on the news feed.

Moreover religion is a subject that should be avoided as it gets controversial. Your faith might preach an ideology that would be a complete contrast to a different ideology. Don’t touch religion as it tends to get offensive.



Gross ailing updates:

Sometimes I see people updating about their diseases. The updates range from a picture from the hospital bed to gross close up pictures of the severe wounds, etc.

Selfies (Extreme close up pics):

Unless you are very photogenic please avoid putting up extreme close up pictures of your face. Some people are so self-obsessed that there would be close up of their eyes, lips, etc. Take honest opinion from your friends about a selfie you want to upload and then only upload it.



Marriage Updates

A vivaah isn’t sampann unless pictures are uploaded on Facebook.

Although it has become a ritual these days but seriously it is quite irritating for others. Every morning we log in and the first thing to pop up on our news feed is a marriage update with pictures of rituals flashing all over.



This is one trend that seriously needs to get a halt or else very soon Facebook would become Shaadi.com

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