Mini Isreal Hidden In Lap Of Himachal Pradesh

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A small spread of the Jewish community in Himachal Pradesh is the place with diversity, best for the tourism. Tourists come here who visits Kasol, to cherish the Nature’s beauty. The Jewish people who stay in the small community in Dharamkot are distinctive and bears ancient culture that attracts visitors not only in India but from all over the world.

Kasol, the mountainous ranges with greenery is a small village near the Parvati river. The area is covered with beautiful forests of alpine trees,
besides the flow of the river, which will give a feel of “Mini Isreal” in India.

Culture of the Jewish community….

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People of Kasol and the nearby place specifically Malana, the Chabad house which has been the main reason. They believe themselves to be superior to all as they are the descendants of Alexander, the greatest fighter or warrior. Apart from it they also believe in Lord Shiva, the Lord of Simplicity, and the lover of cannabis.
They believe to keep themselves untouched and want to stay within their community. But it has never created any inconvenience for the tourists, rather visitors prefer to stay and enjoy their culture.

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Malana and the smoking hashish….
After stepping in the area of the flora and fauna near the Parvati river, it is a must-visit to the place Malana, where the plantation of the cannabis or hashish is popular. If you have heard about the Malana cream, which is popular worldwide, it is supplied from the cannabis of Malana. Malanese cream availed from the wonderful natural beauty with the enormous gift that is the offering from the Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh.
The hash has grown as a part of their pride and popularity, so whoever has visited the place should have felt the importance. As a child will offer a small munch of the Malana cream that is part of their life and identity.

Convenience for tourists
Though the people of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, have been aloof from the modern world their hospitality has been excellent. Tourists are mostly from Israel and so the place is known as Mini Isreal to explore the beauty and essence of the place.
Kasol, Chabad house, many guest houses, hotels are present in the interior parts so that you are close to the culture and nature of the valley. Now, when the culture has added the value of traditional food cannot be left out. The exclusive preparation was inspired by the valley and its people. Hashish has been illegal worldwide but it is sold as a Malana cream to the cannabis lovers.

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Mini Isreal is a hotspot, with the oldest democracy with a separate judiciary that includes Pradhan and Up-pradhan. The superiority level restricts the outsiders to touch the walls or any of their belongings. Being Indian, with the descent from the Jew, and the warriors they belong to the Aryans of India. The temples located are of Shiva and Hanuman, but the government that they visit is believed to follow the Greek Style.

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