4 Proven Ways To Expel Negative Energy From Your Body

We have a common perception towards negative energy that is what other people transmit into us. We have a propensity to play the victim but what if we told you that you too may be ingrained with negative energy which, most of times, goes unnoticed? Simple mathematics, what like attracts like in case if you are arguing that some one else channeling the negative energy into you. In the same ground, positive people attract positive energy. However, if you think that there is a loop of negative energy that you are trapped in, we will tell you a few cures of the same. You can change your vibration through these simple ways to abate the negative energy. Read on below:

The sound of fire:

This is understood as the best way to banish negative energy from your body. The sound of fire represents invoking the spirituality to cleanse you off the negative energy that you may have within. The sound of fire is ‘Ram’ and using this word can benefit you in more ways that one. Wondering what is the word? you know it. It is the name of Lord Rama from Hinduism. Taking his name can shoo away evil spells and evil energy around you. Fire is the most flexible of all the elements because it is both, the creator and destructor.

Clap your hands:

There are two powerful chakras that sit on the center of your palms which are sometimes closed or blocked owing to an instinctive defense mechanism to stop positive energy from coming. Once you clap your hands, you can activate these chakras which will unblock the gush of energy. Going by the ideology of Acupuncture, clapping your hands energizes all your organs which initiates healing and protection.

Sing your heart out:

It is an infallible way to improve your brain function thereby improving your overall health. When you sing, the aura vibrates higher and all parasites elope. So no matter if you have a voice or not, you can sing to show all the evil the door.

Take some vitamin sea:

Walking to the sea is therapeutic. Those, who are lucky to stay near a coastal area can take a stride towards the sea in case if they are feeling low. This will obviously replenish your energy. Also, you know that salt is the actual cleaner of all your negative energies so walking to the sea actually pays off!

No matter if you are imbued with negative energy, there is a positive aura inside you which you need to shield. When you do this, you will definitely be able to ward off all the negativities from your life. Try the above points and see the change.

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