Age Is Just a Number For Her – She is 43 And Looks 18 !

Lure Hsu

Lure Hsu – None of us wants to age.

Aging seems like a curse, especially to women.

We do not like to lose the young and glamorous looks that we have, the luster of our skin and by no means the figure that we have when we are 18. Millions of anti-aging creams and lotions are available but they also cant  stop the aging.

The real secret to stop skin aging lies elsewhere and this Taiwanese beauty is breaking the internet with the shocking fact about her real age.

Lure Hsu

You will be shocked when you get to know her real age. Her name is Lure Hsu and she is from Taiwan, Japan. She looks like a 20 year old model, doesn’t she? But she is not a model and she is not 18 either. She is 43 years. Yes, you heard that right! She is 43 years old and she is actually an interior designer.

Lure Hsu

Just following her on Instagram and Facebook wouldn’t do. We needed to know the secret of her awesome and youthful skin and looks. So, Lure Hsu finally graced us with an interview for the Friday magazine. There, she has said that her favorite drink is nothing but water. She said that water is the detoxifying drink one could have and it’s true that it keeps our skin very young.

Lure Hsu

Lure Hsu has pointed out a very essential fact. According to her, even when it is cloudy, you must apply sunscreen before going out because clouds do not block the UV rays of the sun and that’s what sunscreen protects us from. She also maintains a very healthy diet and avoids sugary drinks as far as possible.

Lure Hsu is of the opinion that an occasional indulgence would not hurt as long as you ensure that you maintain a balanced diet.

Lure Hsu

In this photo, we see her gorging on some ice-cream. When asked, she has said that a good work-out regime, coupled with some de-stressing yoga moves and a diet of high fiber and high protein will let you indulge in these sweet treats too. She has rightly observed that it is best to eat less red meat and depend more on lean meat.

Lure Hsu

Lure Hsu has got the perfect bikini body even at the age of 43! So, are you beginning to follow her routine soon?

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