Why Dating A Bihari Girl Is As Good As Walking Under The Moon Light

We tell you why dating a Bihari Girl is super cool and as good as walking under the moon, as good as going for your favorite adventure sport. Read on.

She’s rough yet delicate. She’s witty yet understanding. She’s intelligent yet down-to-earth. She’s successful yet modest.

You might have heard and talked about Biharis time and again. But to know someone (Bihari or not) you need to be in the company of that person for at least sometime, especially if she’s a girl. The ‘stereotyped’ Bihari girl is less educated(as compared to her contemporaries in metros), knows all the household chores, is street smart, is the queen of bargaining, carries a smell of amla/coconut/mustard oil always along with her, and knows about each and every character from Ekta Kapoor’s TV soaps. However, stereotyping has never been your cup of tea. So, we tell you why dating a Bihari Girl is super cool and as good as going for your favourite adventure sport. Read on.

Because she is fun to be around

Be it your college, coaching centre, a movie hall or you own place, a Bihari girl will never fail to entertain you. No, she is not trying hard to leave a solid impression on you, but that’s the way she is. She won’t fake her accent or switch to the metro-Hindi , even when she’s lived there for half her life. Call it her wittiness or innocence, either of which makes her talk, she never fails to make you smile.

Because she does not fake it

Unlike her contemporaries from metros or otherwise, she does not fake her feelings. She’ll either tell or you keep mum about it, but will not fake it. Be it handling your mood swings(even men experience mood swings), petty issues, argument regarding anything under the sky, personal or professional crises, or even in bed (we know what you’re thinking!), she stands by what she says and what she is.

Because you can be yourself with her around

You need not take trials in proving yourself to her. You are just like other beings and not a macho man. She knows that and is happy about it. You can very well shout, snore, sing a cheap Bhojpuri song(she’ll join you when you do that), talk in absurd lingo, call her fat, talk to your BFFs in a normal manner (you know what I mean) and eat dal-rice with hands, when she’s around. She is not someone who would take a dig at you for just being yourself.

Because she knows the value of money

She knows how hard it is to earn and that you’re sweating it out to pursue your dreams, which is why she would never expect you to take her on an expensive date, unless you volunteer to. She’s compassionate and practical. So don’t have to worry about spending half of your salary on dates, when you are with her. She has a simple lifestyle and will be happy as long as you’re with her and giving her your time. Her idea of a perfect date is a long walk on the beach with litti-chokha for dinner.

Because she is witty and not-so-hot

She may not like too much of skin show or voicing her opinion in a particular context(generally guys or relationships), but that does not mean they aren’t aware of things. Thanks to the place she belongs to, she’s totally into politics, literature, computers, business, markets, onscreen and home-making. You’ll just want to keep listening to her when she talks and you also get to learn a lot when she’s around. Don’t believe me? Try provoking her on which state does she belong to and you, alone, shall bear the consequence.

Your favourite adventure sport repels stress, gives you a feeling of contentment, does not judge you or does not turn you into a broke. Now you know why the idea of dating a Bihari girl is so cool.

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