What NOT to do when drunk!

Drinking is okay, but there are certain things that you should remember NOT to do when drunk like a skunk.

We all have had that one night when we were so smashed that we ended up becoming utter fools in front of our buddies (who were also pretty insane, actually).  Whether it was a break-up that triggered it on or a grand celebration that brought the bottles out, it was one massive night of drinking…having a bit of fun is no harm, but there are certain things that you should remember NOT to do when drunk like a skunk. Memorize it well, so even if your other senses go wonky after a quarter, you’ll be able to recall this piece. Cheers!

Note: This piece doesn’t include stuff like ‘don’t play Gangnum Style 103 times’,’don’t pull a fast one on the bouncer who looks like a mini continent’ and ‘don’t start putting on accents when you know you royally suck at it’ and so on…we expect you to be aware of these things, bro!


Calling up the ex:
Of course you know this! Yet you do this. Everyfriggingtime. The next time you fear your Jack will take you to the land of drunkenness, just pull out the bloody sim card from your phone and keep it in your wallet. When you don’t have any means to call your ex, you’d probably let your feelings ebb away. It not only makes you look like an utter fool, but also shows how you haven’t moved on…while your ex is making elaborate honeymoon plans. This also ruins any opportunity for someone special entering your life as nobody wants to be with a person who is not over their ex. Pull out sim. Drink. Move on. Easy to remember, mate? Even if you’re lying on the road with blood oozing out from your stomach and your ex is the only person alive on earth, don’t call him/her.


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