Weekend special: Tips for gorgeous hair!

Want stunning hair this weekend? Follow these tips!

If you’re planning to party hard tonight and have the make-up and sexy outfits in place, it’s time to concentrate on your tresses. Nothing brightens up a party like a shiny, silky and lustrous hair…we give you tips to flaunt gorgeous mane when you hit the club. Ready?

The 30-minute massage:
Warm oil in a dish and apply it all over your scalp and roots, exactly half an hour before washing it off. No need to oil overnight as that can make your scalp oily and sticky. This 30-minute trick will add sheen to your mane and make them healthy. For better results, wrap a warm towel over your head so that the oil seeps through to your pores! Although coconut oil is best recommended for this, you can give extra virgin olive oil a shot too. It brings out the texture in some hair type.

Air drying vs blow drying:
If you must blow dry your hair, put the dryer on ‘cool’ setting and maintain distance between the dryer and your hair. This way, the hair’s natural oils will be preserved. Air drying is the best, if you have plenty of sunshine around. But don’t let your hair get tangled as that can weaken the roots. Start drying immediately after a wash. Use a light cloth to gently strain out the excess water from your hair. Most importantly, do not vigorously tug at your hair as that can lead to hair fall.


Deep conditioning:
Considering how fast-paced our lives are, there’s hardly any time in the morning for properly conditioning your hair. But this process is extremely important as it restores the moisture that’s lost due to your shampoo. Only condition your roots as that will prevent your scalp from becoming oily. You must make sure to rinse off every last bit of the conditioner as the residue can damage your hair and make them look limp and oily.

Don’t comb wet hair:
Always use your fingers to separate knots and detangle your wet hair. Comb or a brush can lead to hair loss. If you must use a brush, use a wide-toothed one, which will prevent the hair from getting stuck to the brush’s teeth. In case you don’t have the right brush, apply some leave-on conditioner before using a regular brush on them.

Dry them upside down:
Yes! When you’re drying your hair, make sure they are upside down, facing your toes. This will add volume to fine hair and make frizzy hair more manageable as you can separate the knots and run your fingers through them more comfortably. Don’t do it the sideways, always go for the upside down fashion. Try it!

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