6 Ways To Deal With A Person Who Always Try To One-Up You!

Ways To Deal With A One-Upper

“Ways To Deal With A One-Upper”

Who are one-uppers? These are people who think they are much better than you. For e.g. In the midst of talking, the one-upper will always come and talk shit just so that people will think they’re smarter than you.

I bet, in high school this must’ve taken place many a times. Right?

But the problem with one-up is, it is not just a high school thing. Yes, it is an on-going frustrating thing to deal with. I understand it because I’ve one-two people who always try to one-up me e.g. when I share something; there’s always that one-upper who will bump into sharing some COOL stuff to let me down. I’m sure; it takes place with you as well.

And personally, to get rid of it I’m using these ways to deal with a one-upper and guess what, they’re working.

So, why don’t you use them? Read ‘em and deal with a one-upper like a PRO.

  1. Don’t climb the one-upping ladder

When someone is one-upping you it feels really bad. And all you do is try to one-up them and it goes on and on. Well, if you do this then it’s time to discontinue it because it is totally a waste of time.

One-upping is a ladder that never goes up, so why even waste time doing it.

  1. Help ‘em create a story

Suppose a one-upper is trying hard to make a story and impress all others then just say “Ok, Ok, then what happened next”- they’ll keep continuing their badass story.

And again “add a statement relatable to the story” as if you know what the one-upper will say.

Doing so will clearly make the one-upper feel as a butt of a joke.

  1. Listen and let it go

The one-upper will show off by saying “oh, I was staying in a grand hotel and I did this and that”. You know what, don’t let it frustrate you instead listen their story and just let it go like a fart. (Woof!)

  1. Stop caring and be satisfied

Do not believe what they say and yes, don’t even think about it later.

So what if your one-upper drives a Mercedes? Are you not happy with your life? I’ll assume you are. So, play cool and whenever you open your mouth; let that person know how satisfied you are with your life.

  1. Make a “NOT INTERESTED” face

Whenever one-uppers open their mouth to talk about great adventure stories in order to bring you down just make a “not interested” face.

This will hit the one-upper to understand that “No one really cares what they’ve to say”.

  1. Talk it out

If your best-friend is acting up this way then talk it out with him/her and sort all problems. Tell your best-friend that “you don’t have to act so competitive and you’re not really liking it”.

I bet, if your best-friend respects you then he/she will no longer be a one-upper but if they do act it in a same way then just MOVE ON. (Good in GOODBYE)

These were the ways to deal with a one-upper- Do you have anything to share? Let us know in a comment below. 

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