5 Super Ways For Camera Cautious Girls To Look Taller In Pictures!


I am not tall enough to look good in pictures!

I look like a baby in all my college pictures!

I run away at the sight of a camera while my friends are happily getting clicked!

I am always scrolling through high heel section in the shoe store for those picture perfect social media clicks!

Well, girl, if all the above are your concerns, then my darling, you are reading the perfect article!

If you wish to look taller in photographs without having to edit them on Photoshop or wearing painfully high heels to reach up to your counterparts,  here are 5 super awesome tips to look taller in pictures, and they work like magic!

  1. The best way to look a little taller, is to turn partially to your side and place one foot in front of the other.
  2. Point your toe to the camera and place weight on the back foot.
  3. When you are clicking a picture, make sure that the camera is positioned at a lower level the waist height should be just fine.
  4. One of the easiest ways to look tall is, of course, wearing heels, especially so when you are in front of a camera. But, make sure that you are wearing a comfortable pair of heels and not excruciatingly high ones. Pull your shoulders back, your chest forward and gently suck the stomach in. And that should do the wonders!
  5. When you are posing for the camera, make sure to stand tall with a shallow curve in the small of your back.

So here you go girls, next time when you are in that perfect moment for a memorable click, use these tips and make a perfect frame for the lifetime treasuries.

Pose with confidence and…

Happy clicking 🙂

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