Top 10 Most Unusual Looking Pets Around The World

Unusual looking pets

Unusual looking pets – Having a pet is synonymous to embracing a new family member which changes your life, obviously for better reasons.

But there are people who have rather opted for these unusual looking pets which became a talking point, Check out them here:

Unusual looking pets –

1. Goundian Finch:

These brightly coloured birds are really a sight to watch but it’s a tad unusual to have them as pets. Their super-saturated features let out the impression that they have been under an artist’s meticulous brush strokes. They look rather dreamy like melted sherbet and require proper care.

2. Cornish Rex Cat:

You look at them and feel like they are wearing corduroy coats, at least their thick fur create that visual impression. One look is not enough for them as they are headturners for bizarre reason. Their fur is unusual but soft nonetheless. Also, the grooves in their fur are real, not from any human violating them.

3. Ghost Shrimp:

Mostly chosen as an edible delicacy, but there are people who choose to keep them as pets in aquariums. They look transparent and live in fresh-water. It’s pretty easy to take care of them and your aquarium looks like a marine museum with these in possession.

4. Sugar Glider:

It looks like a squirrel and is found in Australia. They feed on insects and the sap from Eucalyptus and gum trees. These pets are adorable and small in size. They require a generous cage and can’t be toilet trained. Although it is a tad extra work to take care of these but these are worth it.

5. Eastern-Blue Tongued Skink:

This kind is a lizard whose blue tongue is the main attraction. These are mostly found in Australia and can live up to 30 years. The slow moving snake-like head is creepy but beautiful. Their body colour mutates from grey to brown and tongue bright to dark blue. They have a propensity to stick out their tongue every now and then. Overall, these creatures look like fat snakes with legs.

6. Xoloitzcuintli:

It somewhat looks like an amalgam of Chihuaha and Zebra. It has stripes all over the body and is certainly a rare breed. They are a treat to the eye and it appears as if someone created those stripes with a paintbrush. These were deemed sacrosanct among the Aztecs and Mayans.

7. Ranchu Goldfish:

This one looks like a normal goldfish with bubbles all over. You can call these ‘king of Goldfish’ if you please. They come in varied colours in appearances also. This is mostly found in Japan and develop most by the first year. Their heads look like a thicket of bubbles when they grow.

beautiful ranchu or lion head goldfish in fish tank

8. Sphynx Cat:

It has a wedge-shaped head and is devoid of fur. A sphynx cat can be anti-allergic for you with a sturdy body, pattered skin and highly beneficial protein in their skin oil and saliva. These cats are vitalised and curious always.

9. Puli:

This is a Hungarian Herder breed which looks like a mop but actually is a dog breed with fluffy curls. These have humanly qualities like intelligence, devotion and sense of humour.

10. Elephant Nose Fish:

It has a distinguished proboscis which is found mostly in Africa. These kind of elephant fish live in pools, that’s why the earthtone colouring. They live in aquariums and darn environments with low lighting. Surprisingly, this kind generate weak electrical impulses that you can listen to.

These are Unusual looking pets – You can show-off these pets to your guests and they will go bananas. Collecting these breeds can be quite the elbow-grease and taking care of these can be tedious too but these unusual looking creatures are truly worth possessing.

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