Freedom Through The Lenses Of Young India

Young India

Young India – When the Independence Day is around the corner, what can be a better topic than ‘freedom’ to pen down your words.

In this article we would try to look into the mind of Young India, the youth after 71 years of independence.

For the youth who experienced the struggle for independence through the tales of their grandparents and idolized the freedom fighters from the pages of history books, have different definition of freedom.

The youth of the country makes half of the population of India, who are below the age of 35years. Though they are free from the oppressive tyranny of the British empire but are struggling with the new tyranny of corruption. Before independence people used to enjoy privileges based on skin color, nowadays the color of the cash matters.

New days, new challenges. Their opinion is the powerhouse of an assertive future, which every Indian is looking into.

India through the eyes of Young India

Young India

Young fighters of India reflects the variety of most assorted country of the world. Its diversity can be counted to be one of the greatest strengths of our nation.  But the flip side of the diversity is very well understood by the young generation. With diversity comes classification of the society depending on age, class, ethnicity, religion and the most venomous of all depending on caste. With the richest and poorest existing within the same boundary, makes India to be amongst the unequal nations of the world. We have top alumnus ruling the software industry, research field on one hand, and have illiterate people falling prey to aimless leaders on the other.

Young India

Having the smartest of young generation with the power of digitalization, to know what freedom is for them becomes very significant. Here we would like to share some of the ideas from the youngsters of India from various fields who have their own definition of liberty. Most of the millennials believe independence is in freedom to have the right for free thought & expression.

For a student, freedom is in chasing his dreams, and becoming financially independent to take the responsibility of his family. He wants freedom from the society which ridicules a person depending on his social status.

Another student pursuing law wants free access to justice, resources and other ways of life without being discriminated by gender, class, religion or caste. For her when the voices of humble would be heard, that day true independence would be achieved.

For a Dalit poet freedom lies in expressing oneself freely and exist in the society without being branded for belonging to a particular stratum of the civilization.

The journalist from Srinagar sees his freedom in expressing his ideas and having the power to challenge the State’s suppression of expression, not getting into a broil for calling a snake a snake. He feels that, then only one can bring the truth to the people without being biased.

And another youngster defines freedom to be ‘where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high’ like Rabindranath Tagore. He believes freedom is in absence of imposed restrictions.

Some youngsters in the hamlets believe freedom is in getting proper education, without getting duped by the politicians and joining their goon party unknowingly.

For the soldier fighting in the front, freedom is in a corruption free system, which loves the country like they love the motherland.

Young India

We can conclude that freedom is where the girl is free from patriarchal stereotypes, where one is free to practice his faith and preferences without harming others; where each citizen can live a dignified life. Independence means freedom from being classified. How can we forget the lil champs, who are having the toughest time?We need to see and hear their definition of freedom. For them freedom is in letting them live their childhood without fear.

We are Indian and only Indian, nothing else can define us.

Young India

Young India – Depending on- the part of society, age group and way of living, each individual has their own definition. But, all wants to live with dignity and in harmony. So, this Independence Day lets pledge that we are ready to exercise our freedom with responsibility.

Jai Hind!

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