Things to do together before tying the knot!

Before tying the knot, you MUST do these things together. Time to put your would-be through the ‘litmus’ test!

Now that you have decided to tie the knot, we suggest you do these things together in order to find out how cool/uncool your future spouse is. In fact, this is the litmus test you should put your would-be through. Read on!

Get stuck in traffic:
Before walking down the aisle, take him/her to a crowded junction and get stuck in traffic with him/her. The way they deal with this stress…from abuses to fistfights to mental behaviour, you’ll know how the person really is.


Eat at a posh restaurant:
You don’t want to marry a guy who shouts at waiters and makes fun of other patrons. And you certainly don’t want a girl who is picky about anything and everything on her plate.


Go trekking together:
How does your man/woman react under stress? What do they do when faced with tricky situations? Do they give up or trudge along? Find out about these things by going on a trek with your would-be.


Go shopping:
During your dating phase, it might have been different with him helping you with your bags and patiently waiting for you to try out various outfits. But marriage is a different ball game when men change, and how! Go shopping with him to know if he can really patiently wait for you to pick up stuff or he gets restless and starts throwing tantrums at you…hmm.


Cook together:
Nah, more than being romantic and all that jazz, cooking will tell you how he/she really is. Because nobody would ever compromise on their food. If she likes her eggs hard boiled, there’s no way she would settle for a poached version of it. And if he appreciates your cooking despite it being average, marry him!


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