After-effects Of Ganesh Visarjan Will Make You Question And Think Alot

After effects of Ganesh Visarjan

After effects of Ganesh Visarjan – India a beautiful palette of a mixture of different cultures, castes, rituals and ethics. Making it a rich nation altogether. To top it all there’s democracy which gives the right to people to express themselves freely.

People have the freedom of following any culture of their choice, their ritualistic practices and express their beliefs.

Lately we have realized that practice of some of the rituals is actually resulting in deterioration of our natural resources to an unbelievable extent.

Let’s take the recent Ganesh Visarjan for example; people immerse big idols of Ganesh in water-bodies as to bid him see-off. They do this with a lot of pomp and show. But who knows the reality which comes out on the surface of these water-bodies the very next day of immersion?

Let’s take a look at how selfishly we humans perform our rituals:

After effects of Ganesh Visarjan –

1 – The idols that are immersed in the water-bodies are generally made of plaster of paris. And POP takes months or even years to get completely dissolved in water. Till that time their particles move freely in the water which is then digested by water animals eventually killing them.

2 – The constituents used in making of the idols accumulate on the surface of the water-bodies causing trouble to the water animals. These animals are not able to breathe as the oxygen is not able to enter the water which results in water-animals dying in large numbers.

After effects of Ganesh Visarjan

3 – The mercury and lead content present in idols are very harmful for water-bodies and hence, raise the acid levels of the water to an unimaginable level which takes a lot of time to get back to normal.

After effects of Ganesh Visarjan

4 – Idols have certain elements of plastic and cement which never get dissolved in the water and stay there forever, contaminating it.

After effects of Ganesh Visarjan

5 – Other accessories which come along with the idols like camphor, incense, plastic flowers, and cloths also contribute in further contamination of the water.

6 – People dump big idols in water which obviously stops the natural water flow and some of the water gets accumulated in spaces which give birth to mosquitos and other harmful infections.

7 – A lot of people take an undue advantage of the immersion period of the idols by boozing, and doping while in the procession which in itself really very shameful.

8 – The area around water-bodies especially around seas gets pilled-up with remains of idols which becomes very difficult to get remove because they often get dug in the sand.

This is after effects of Ganesh Visarjan – Is this how people of India are using their rights to freedom of expression, of following the culture? I agree that people are very strict about their cultural rituals but why do they forget that they also have some duties towards the nature and environment besides n number of rights that are given to them? It’s really ridiculous to see how people have become blind about everything and that too in 2017. It’s a shame on humanity!

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