Things to do at a sleepover

Here’s what you should at a sleepover for a mad, madder and maddest night! Read on…

We all know how awesome a night over can be. Chilling with your friends all night long, over steaming cups of coffee or bottled of chilled beer, binging on junk food, gossiping about your other friends and generally having a great time. Here are some things to do at a night over that can elevate the fun quotient. Read on.

Turn off the smartphone:
No calling, pinging, posting pics online, checking-in and the like. Live in the moment and soak in the fun, don’t worry about your virtual identity. In fact, it’s pretty rude to be on your phone when in the company of others. Inform your parents/partners about your whereabouts and turn your phone off for a while, at least.

Indoor games:
Nothing screams more fun than a mad marathon on indoor games. From Housie, Tequila Gambling to UNO, you can have a riot with your friends. Even though the classics like ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘What’s Yours Like’ rule most parties, it’s these innocent childhood games that up the fun quotient. Trust us!

No drunken drama:
If you can’t handle your drinks, don’t drink. It’s no fun to get drunk at somebody’s house and missing out on all the fun that others are having. The point is to have fun, not get sloshed and create a scene. Also, don’t end up drunk-dialling your ex at a night over!

Comfortable clothes:
Bring out your comfy pyjamas and trainers that are sexy, yet understated. Go for colourful shorts and ganjis, jumpsuits and printed pants. Keep your outfit fun and flirty…

No catfights:
It’s a fun atmosphere, so keep it clean. Don’t indulge in petty fights and arguments that can make the night a nightmare. If you have invited two not-so good friends over, make sure they have their own groups and do not bump into each other at any time. Nobody wants to remember the night as the one where so and so got bashed up.


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