10 Things A Pen Can Do For Us, But We Use It Only For Writing!


A Pen is mightier than the sword! Agree?

Yes, we all do. This little weapon holds a lot of command if used in the correct sense.

And few of them have had the sensibilities to use its power in the constructive direction while many failed.

Nevertheless, coming back to the title of this story, we are here to talk about a few interesting ways, rather innovative ways that we have been using our pen for. Be it in good old school days, or today, when we land in some tricky situation, a pen does come to rescue, and a good one at that.

Let’s scroll through 10 of these, quickly:

  1. To tear open the cardboard boxes in the kitchen. I have done it many times. Have you?                                  totearopenthecardboardboxes

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