Things that remind you of home!

Here’s listing out few of them for you, hoping to give you moments of nostalgia in a busy working day

Many of us have had this experience of finishing college, moving out of our home town to make it big in life but missing on to several things like ‘maa ke haath ka khana’. Not only that, there are days where we miss everything about home. Here’s listing out few of them for you, hoping to give you few moments of nostalgia in your busy working day. Don’t forget to call your folks back home today!


 Waking up to the news on All India Radio

Its not the alarm clock that wakes you up in the morning when you are at home. It’s the news read in the most anti-dilluvian style on All India Radio followed by the songs of Rafi and Mukesh. I know it’s annoying when we are home, but then we all miss it. Don’t we?


 Early morning chants, temple bells and fragrance of incense

Unlike the terrible smell of the leftover food from last night, it’s the fragrance of those sticks of scented incense that fills the air with positive vibes when you we are at home. Our mothers are the first ones to wake up in the morning who raps better than eminem as she reads out Hanuman Chalisa!


 ‘Adrak wali chai’ with morning newspaper

While bed tea is an eutopian concept in a bachelor’s pad, where we have to drag ourselves to the kitchen for the morning shot of the most terrible tea, what you get at home is the most brilliant cup of nicely brewed tea in falvours of your choice (ginger, cardamom, jasmine, lemon).


 Aroma of ‘Shudh Desi Ghee’ in food

No matter how much weight you have put on, your mother will always treat you to the food with generous amount of home made ‘shudh desi ghee’ and dollops of butter in it.


Deadlines to return home 

So you were successful in lying to your parents that it was just your friends birthday party and you had a quite dinner, after which you were dropped-off safely till your flat. But, once at home, your deadline can’t exceed beyond 10 in the night.

Raised eyebrows on long phone calls

We all know how important those long good night calls are. So much so that we all have passed out with our cell phones stuck to our ears (remember those unlimited talktaimes). But a call that exceeds 30seconds gets an instant attention of your mother, who will pretend to be cool about it with an raised eyebrow, as if saying who are you trying fool?



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