These 5 Myths, About Mobile Phone Charging, Are Rubbish And Need To Be Thrown Away

It’s time we realize the myths surrounding the phone charging phenomenon. We have put together 5 points here.

“Don’t use your mobile while it’s charging,”

“Don’t leave it plugged in overnight”

“Always let it die completely”   

These are some of the commonly heard phrases, or rather myths, about mobile phone charging. These are some of the classic phone charging myths that you would hear, but shouldn’t take seriously. 

Let us look at 5 such myths of phone charging: 


Myth 1 – Using local chargers (non-branded) destroys phone batteries

 This is one of the popular myths of phone charging. Yes, while it is advisable to avoid cheap brand knockoff chargers, off-brand chargers, even though not optimal, works fine. As long as chargers are made by legitimate retailers, it should be just fine for you. 

Myth 2 – You should not use your mobile phone when it’s put on charge

You can do that as many times as you can; but keep in mind not to do so with any sketchy third-party chargers. Besides, there are really scary reasons associated with this phone charging myth. Phone users often believe that using a phone while it’s on charge might make the mobile to explode; or might even electrocute the user. 

Well there was a phone exploding incident reported in July 2013, about a Chinese flight attendant by the name of Ma Ailun, when she used her iPhone 4 while it was on charge. But surveys thereafter have said that Ailun was using a third-party charger and not the original one from Apple. So if you are using a charger (made from a legitimate manufacturer) you should be just fine. 

Myth 3 – Keeping your phone on charge overnight, kills the battery: 

One of the correct phone charging methods would definitely not be to keep it on charge overnight, people say. Truth is little different. Actually your mobile is lot smarter than you think; once the battery is entirely juiced up, it automatically stops charging; so, the battery is not even in use anymore. 

However, having said that, you should not charge your phone all night, every night. Would you fill a glass with water after it is full; if no then why here? On the contrary, your battery would last longer if you would keep it charged between 40-80%. 

Myth 4 – Don’t turn your phone off, ever

Let’s understand one thing; your phone is a machine after all, and it needs a break too; in fact, a few breaks would be to put it aptly. Experts often say in order to maximize your mobile battery life you must turn off your mobile from time to time, especially at night before you go to bed. If not every day, the experts say, try to turn your phone off at least once a week to help preserve its battery life. 

Myth 5 – Don’t charge your phone battery until its dead completely

Well, isn’t it better and easier to charge your phone everyday than to deep charge your mobile from time to time? Batteries used by Apple and Samsung, (Lithium-ions) perform better when they are charged. If you periodically allow them to drain to 0%, that is the time they become unstable. Always remember that your battery has a finite number of charging cycles, and every time you allow it to die, it’s another cycle gone. 

These are some of the typical myths of phone charging that we discussed. Hopefully, next time you would have an answer when someone lets you to stop charging your phone the wrong way. If you have heard of any other ideas or myths, do share them with us.

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