Five Best Historical Monuments In India !

Historical Monuments

Historical Monuments – India has been famous for various historical places created by the rulers who invaded India after conquering India, or South Asia. Historical monuments build several years before still stands with the best structure and appearance making it the most wonderful monuments of India, people outside India and from India visit these place to observe the thought and the interest on the art and culture of the emperors.

Historical Monuments of the different dynasty have left different aftermath thoughts on the arts and architecture that can be seen as a reflection on the monuments.

Historical Monuments –

India Gate New Delhi

Located on Rajpath, New Delhi which was formerly known as the Kingsway, India Gate New Delhi was built in honor of the 70,000 approximately who died in the world war –I. Amar Jawan Jyoti structure with black marble plinth surrounded by four urns, which was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi, former prime minister. Adorned by wonderful architecture designed by Edwin Lutyens.

Charminar Hyderabad

Who did not study Charminar located in Hyderabad? The famous historical monument in India, that was erected to celebrate and remember the victory of by the ruler and conquerer Md. Quli Qutb Shah, one of the world’s heritage. Defined architectural creation on behalf of Mughal architecture after the Taj Mahal with amazing construction standing high still today.

Lotus temple

Lotus temple is the Bahai’s house of worship which was built in the year 1986, an extremely unique only creation which you can find in the world. The entire structure looks like a white lotus, 27 free standing metal build petals of the lotus, forming the cluster of lotus. Located in Nehru Place, designed by an Iranian architect  Iranian, Fariborz Sahba from Canada.

Historical Monuments

Qutb Minar

Erected by Qutb Uddin Aibak the ruler of Delhi dynasty, it is the most popular monument, the UNESCO world heritage best part of this monument is that the entire structure is brick build, similar to the five-storied building which is entirely brick made with wider foundations reduces in circumference as it reaches to the top or roof of the monument.

Historical Monuments

Jantar Mantar Jaipur

An excellent thought and building of this monument by the Jaipur King, Sawai Jai Singh which is still one of the most attractive sites also it deserves the appreciation for this unique thought which is also the World’s heritage, UNESCO. Here the nineteen astronomical architecture is described also known for the sundial stone. Who knew that science was so much developed in their time too?

Historical Monuments

Red Fort Delhi

The Red Fort also known as Laal Qila the heritage site of UNESCO built in the year 1639, by Shah Jahan. Entire art and architecture of this fort are worth to have a look at, including the marble floorings along with the work resembling the Persians and Timurid.

Historical Monuments

The gardens and the open space natural beauty also is something conventional to the Indian History.

Spiritual India! Monuments built for different reasons by the rulers of ancient times are preserved, as you travel into different parts of India you can explore the art and architecture which are unique and never expect for any other such monument erection.

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