The 5 kinds of Selfies everybody has!

Selfie is the hottest word of the year, no doubt about that. But did you know that there are five kinds of Selfies that everybody has? Read on!

With Selfie becoming an internet sensation and a recognized word, photo-happy people have more reasons to celebrate these days. May be that’s why everybody is hell bent on snapping a picture of him/herself in weird poses. As the trend continues to take internet by storm, we take a look at the five kinds of Selfies everybody has. Read on:

The flop Selfie:
It’s the kind that’s so disproportional that everybody knows it was taken by shaky hands. It’s also one of the most fun Selfies as it captures your state of mind brilliantly. Sometimes, these offer a sneak peek into the background of the pic and can be great for showing off your exotic locations!



The funky Selfie:
You’re bored and have nothing much to do. Also, your hair is looking great today. So what do you do? Click a Selfie, of course! The funky one never goes out of fashion and is the easiest way to grab attention and garner likes. Enjoy!



The group Selfie:
Yes, EVERYBODY has this. With your BFFs, family, cousins, colleagues, neighbours, whoever. We have all taken a group Selfie with somebody or the other and have always thought how some people manage to look incredible in any form of lighting. No?



The DP-esque Selfie:
It’s the Selfie you take for the sole purpose of uploading as your DP (Display Picture, for the uninitiated). Whether you wish to upload it on BBM, FB, WhatsApp, you have mastered the art of clicking the most flattering Selfie ever. Get ready for some serious appreciation for this one!



The creative Selfie:
By experimenting with the lighting, camera angles and techniques, you end up clicking a really creative and beautiful Selfie. It might require a lot of practice, patience and energy, but the end result will be worth the effort. Trust us!



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