This Weird Trend Of “Scorpion Manicures” Is Driving All The Women Crazy!

Scorpion Manicures

Scorpion Manicures – Yes, you heard it right

Anything weird can take place but really who even thought that scorpion manicures will be a “thing”. Like seriously, women are ditching the chic nail art and they are demanding this oh-so-weird manicure trend.

Are you wondering who even created this trend? Well her name is Lupita Gracia. She created this along with her friend Rocio Vidales who owns a nail salon.

Scorpion Manicures

A dead scorpion is glued onto your fingernails- Yes, don’t worry they are completely dead. They are applied with the tweezers to the fingernails and then are coated with a thick acrylic paste.

It is said that they are killed for the nail art purpose even though they are less than a week old.

Let me tell you one more thing- This trend is actually carried out in Mexico as of now. And women are going crazy to experience this trend.

So only if you want to experience it too then sadly you’ve to travel to Mexico. But those who can wait until this trend is introduced here- Good luck.

This is how it looks when the manicure is completely done.


But take this note as well- Once the dead ones are glued to the nails, the scorpions come equipped with venom that can kill a human within 15 minutes. Surprising? No doubt it is. So, are you still willing to have this manicure?

Well don’t you think it is much easier just to paint the scorpions on nails? Cmon! Not a bad idea and absolutely not risky at all.

Take a look at this one: – Just a unique design of Scorpions (Wink!) Simple yet attractive.

Scorpion Manicures

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