6 Full-Proof Reasons To Be Cool When People Hate You!

Reasons People Hate You

Reasons People Hate You – You must have heard that “No matter how good you behave with the people around you, there will be few people who will always hate you for sure”.

So, why invest time thinking whether they’ll like you or not. You know, being hated is also an achievement. Yes, achievement that doesn’t harm you but makes you great in a way.

In reality, when you try to be a people pleaser, a part of you entirely dies. Yes, doing what people want you to do is bullshit, because then you no longer live life the way you wanna live it. So, it’s okay when people don’t agree with you.

Guys and girls, if you’re still on that track thinking “why people hate me”, then download Taylor Swift’s song called “Shake it off”, and get over the useless question. Also, before that take a look at these mentioned reasons about why you should be completely cool when people start hating you.

Reasons People Hate You –

  1. You’re living your life the way you want to

Yaayyyyy!! You know, living life the way you want to is a big achievement. Trust me; listening to your thoughts and going it that way is incomparable. Most people hate you because you ain’t doing something they want you to do. And, that’s the great thing. I mean, in the end, you’re doing what makes you happy, right?

  1. They don’t know you

You must’ve experienced that some people hate you or act strangely even though they don’t anything about you. Maybe some people like pushing others in the hate-zone directly without knowing anything about them at all. So, be cool.

  1. They’re jealous of you

Jealously isn’t a good thing. Not in a relationship and not in other relations as well. We all know how jealously ends. Trust me; if a person is hardcore jealous of you then there’s nothing that you can change.

So, leave it that way and act normally.

  1. They are unhappy with their own life

Some people hate everything about their life, and this somehow results into hating others as well. So, there’s nothing to worry about, and if hating you is making them smile, then you’re doing something huge 😉

  1. You’re doing something GREAT

Yep, even though you’re working a regular job i.e. 9-5 and your friends keep comparing their work to yours, and keep pulling you down, then trust me they’re jealous. Such people hate the “amazing job” you’re doing and that’s the great thing. So, go with the flow and don’t care at all.

  1. You’re unique

Yes, when somebody tries to hate you, just think that you’re unique and act that way. You know, some people hate when they see that others lifestyle is cool as compared to theirs. In this case, it’s not your fault at all, so just take it easy.

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