Planning to bunk work?

Apart from chucking a sickie, here are some ideas that can buy you a day off from office…


There’s nothing like a mid-week holiday. And it’s quite disheartening to look at your roomie snoring away to glory while you struggle to get up. Especially, during these times when you invariably end up spending way too many hours in office and also take work home, it’s not unreasonable if you skip work on a working day. It’s quite human to feel like not getting up in the morning and texting your boss that you just can’t come to work. And there’s nothing bad in spending the day with your peers, boyfriend or girlfriend either. All you need to do is think of a reason which will get you an OK reply. Apart from chucking a sickie, which your boss may have probably got used to, here are some ideas that can buy you a day off from work…

  1. If you are living with a roommate, you will never run out with ideas: “My roomie didn’t wake me up and now there’s no water even to shit.” Or, “My roomie has fallen sick and I can’t leave him/her alone.”
  2. If you happen to be a woman, there are plenty of excuses like “I just got my periods and I can’t get up from my bed.” Or, “A stalker has been following me and now he is standing outside my house so I really can’t get out.”  
  3. “My flatmate has accidently locked me inside the house, the neighbours are away and my flatmate has reached his/her office which is hours away from home. So, really can’t get out.”
  4. If you have family members staying in the city or if you happen to be working out of your home town, then there’s always “I have to take my ailing aunt to the doctor and then for some tests.”
  5. We have done it at some point or the other – sending our grandparents on a stairway to heaven. “It was my mom’s father who died last time, now it’s my dad’s. Please pray for his soul.”  
  6. “There was an accident and I had to rush the victim to the hospital and then do the rounds of the police station.” Only a heartless, cruel boss will ask you to come to work after all this.  
  7. “My friend got hospitalised and I have to be with him/her in the hospital as there are no family members around.”
  8. “A robbery happened at my room and I will be too busy with the police to come to work. Have lost my new television set also.”
  9. “My grandma is coming for her eye operation, so I have to pick her up from the airport and then take her to the doctor.”
  10. “I have lost my wallet and don’t have any money to travel to office.”

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