Rakhi Sawant Has A Driving Phobia And She Is Blaming Salman Khan For It – This Video Is A PROOF!

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Rakhi Sawant undoubtedly is a controversial queen. Recently, she was in news because of the videos she posted on her Instagram account. She was on trip to Dubai and she kept all her Fans updated about her trip. If you haven’t seen her FUN, then let me tell you that she visited famous jewellery shop and then she went local shopping, plus she also enjoyed belly dancing. In short, she enjoyed A LOT.

Now as I mentioned that she is a controversial queen, so now she is again in news and this time she is grabbing attention only because she is travelling in Rickshaw.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Rakhi Sawant in Rickshaw is a big news. Recently, she uploaded 3 videos on instagram and there she can be seen mentioning that she hates travelling in a Rickshaw. She also mentioned that her driver met with an accident and that’s the only reason “Rakhi Sawant is travelling in a Rickshaw.”

Travelling in an auto rickshaw is not her cup of tea. You can see her going through a tough time and most importantly, she is damn uncomfortable. The video is Fine but what caught our attention was the moment she said that now she’s willing to learn driving. She mentioned that she has no knowledge about driving, but after this incident she’ll definitely learn how to drive. This was OK but then she revealed that the reason why she isn’t comfortable and scared of driving is because of SALMAN KHAN.

Here’s the video –

Yes, you’ve read it right.

She said that after that Salman Khan incident, she is more afraid to drive on road. One can say that she is really missing her driver. Other than that, she was having a great time as she was chit – chatting with the auto driver. The auto driver said that he is very happy to have Rakhi Sawant in his rickshaw.

Well, all we can say is, hope the driver gets well soon and hope that she learn to drive as early as possible.

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