This Is The Reason You Shouldn’t Compare YourselF With Others In LiFe!

Comparing Your Life With Others –



Quoted by Rupi Kaur.

This quote should be a daily reminder.

Yes, it should be.

So that whenever you get to that point where you start comparing your journey with others, you stop it right there. Why, you ask? Because comparison is a poison that slowly kills us. Do you want to take that poison? Obviously NOT. So why do you compare your journey with others? WHY? Every day you wake up, you get fresh, you get dress & then you step out of your office on your way to the office. While travelling, you open Instagram & you view your friends Instagram stories & then slowly, you end up saying how your so & so person is LUCKY & HAPPY as compared to you.

You start feeling a certain kind of sadness in your heart. Why? It’s all because you convince YOURSELF that you’re not good enough. It’s because others are happy & you are not. It’s because they have FRIENDS & FAMILY who understand them but you don’t.

Let me be honest, this was my story.

I used to drown MYSELF in this bullshit only to hurt me. Thank God, I realized how bullshit this is & today here I am, telling others why they shouldn’t compare themselves with others. Understand this; others are happy, so let them be. You don’t have to take their part to compare it with your journey. You clearly DON’T. In the end, you’re living a LIFE that’s much different than the ones uploading pictures & videos on social media. The things that take place in your LIFE is far different from the ones you know. It is OK if you’re experiencing sadness right now.

Trust me, it is.

As they say, “this too shall pass.”

Honestly, it will pass. You should be courageous enough to not give up. In the midst of comparing your LIFE with others, do not convince YOURSELF that you aren’t strong enough. You’re STRONG. Infact, more than you think you are. By comparing, you’re only allowing YOURSELF to get lost in the negatives. The more you do it, the more lost you get.

So, do not compare.

Understand this; it is OK if your friend is achieving great things. You can try to work on your creativity to get there. Even though it takes time, that’s fucking FINE. Wishing to live someone’s LIFE is a waste of time.

One thing I learned is, the more time you invest into making your LIFE BETTER, the happier you get. Trust me, the ones whose Instagram, Snapchat stories you see every day that pushes you into thinking “wish my LIFE was good as theirs” have their own set of problems.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Do not just read, but start working on it as early as you can. Today, when you open their stories & see them partying & stuff, do not get it inside your head. Leave it & be at peace wondering they’re happy. To make yourself happy, do what you like.

Even though it includes sitting at home & watching YouTube videos.

Okay? I hope you take care.

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