Living with a guy? Watch out for these things

If you’re planning to move-in with your boyfriend or are about to begin your married life…here are some things about him that you MUST know!

Now that you’re planning to move-in with your boyfriend, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. They are going to be lot more different from your girl roomies and if you want to avoid pulling each other’s throats out, read on!

Men won’t take bath regularly
Don’t turn up your nose if he says ‘Kal Hi Toh Nahaya Tha’! Yes, men don’t believe in hygiene as much as you do. They may be stickler for other things like hitting the gym regularly, completing projects on time and so on, but ask them to get under the shower and all hell will be upon you. They really don’t like to move their asses, so let it go. If on a Sunday when your side of the family is coming over and your husband-to-be is still running around in dirty shorts, don’t flip out and cry bloody murder. Take a deep breath and purchase an air freshener.


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