Dare To Eat: This British Baker Creates Incredible Life-Like Dog Cakes!

Life-Like Dog Cakes

A British baker, Emma Jayne Morris, 46, of Aberdare, South Wales, brilliantly creates ” Life-Like Dog Cakes ” and they look incredible. Seriously, she is one of those bakers who create something unique.

She uses Fondant icing and vanilla sponge to get everything done.

She is the talented one and that’s one of her life-like dog cake.

Life-Like Dog Cakes

It is amzing, right? Would you even dare to eat this beautiful cake?

She creates British bulldog cake, a cavachon cake, and a Chihuahua cake etc.

Take a look at ‘em.

  1. A British Bulldog Cake

Life-Like Dog Cakes

2. A Cavachon Cake

Life-Like Dog Cakes

3. A Chihuahua Cake

Life-Like Dog Cakes

Are you wondering, how she must be doing it with so perfection? According to the baker, the cake designs are actually based on two real dogs named “Bear” and “Duchess”.  She uses photographs of the pair from several angles and this helps her to get the details.

Well, she always starts making the dog’s eyes, faces and then the bodies with fondant icing. Later she uses edible colored dust to add color around dog’s head before using any airbrush tool.

Take a look at these cakes.

  1. A Siberian Husky Cake

Life-Like Dog Cakes

2. A French Bulldog Cake

Life-Like Dog Cakes

3. A Portuguese Water Dog Cake

Life-Like Dog Cakes

Her work is super impressive, right? I seriously feel it must be really hard to cut a cake that looks like this.

Source: – Mirror

What do you think about these Life-Like Dog Cakes ? Comment below.

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