Oh My God! So This Is How The Human Barbie Looks WITHOUT Makeup!

Human Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova is well-known for her Human Barbie looks.

For all those who missed her beautiful Barbie picture; take a look at this eye-pleasing snap.

Note: – She is not a Barbie in a box but a REAL LIFE HUMAN BARBIE.

Human Barbie

She looks gorgeous. Right? Well hey; are you wondering how she manages to look exactly like a pretty doll? Frankly I had the same question when I first saw her pictures but then she revealed the secret behind her human Barbie look.

The secret is-

  • She has undergone many surgeries to get that real life human Barbie look.
  • Valeria also put those doll-eye contact lenses
  • She follows a strict vegetarian liquid diet
  • She spend hours in the gym

Look at her doll-eyes! Dang they are so eye-catching.

Human Barbie

I know it’ll be somewhat hard to believe that she is a human but dang she REALLY is a Human. She is also a Ukrainian Model and she has total 399k followers on her Instagram.

Yep, take a look at her model figure.

Human Barbie

She gained a lot of attention and she also featured in the 2016 horror movie “The Doll” directed by Susannah O’Brien.

For a minute take your eyes off her model figure and take a look at these snaps.

Oh yes! This time she is definitely with-out make up.

#1 Look at her beautiful fresh face

Human Barbie

#2 Oh yeah! Beauty in black

Human Barbie

#3 Isn’t she attractive without makeup? Well I think she completely is ATTRACTIVE

Human Barbie

#4 She is totally a normal looking girl

Human Barbie

#5 What do you think about this one?

Human Barbie

On a serious note- Do you think she looks more beautiful without her make-up?

Oh yes! As I also mentioned above that she works really hard in the gym daily.

Look at these snaps umm…Abs (Wink!):-

Human Barbie

So which picture is super-hot? I guess all 4 of ‘em. (Wink!)

Now what do you have to say about her WITHOUT makeup snaps? Let us know in a comment below.

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