What Is It For You-Bold Colours or Muted Ones? Know Your Dress Sense By Your #ZodiacSign

How to dress by zodiac signs – We tell you how you can easily pick that dress for your evening date according to zodiac signs.

Do you get amazed at the moment when you walk into a store, scan the outfits and instantly pick out the dress you need?

Well, this might not be a coincidence or just a matter of our likes and dislikes, but can be guided by our zodiac signs.

If the star signs can say much about our personality, then why not the clothes we choose to wear or the way we like to accessorise ourselves?

Here is a guide to know what characteristic traits you possess of a certain zodiac sign through the way you like to dress:


Since the zodiac sign is strong, can combat tough situations well and are associated with action, their choice of clothes are sharply defined and tailored.  

Samantha Cameron, a typical, looks confident and elegant in fitted trousers and tailored jackets, though not swearing by an ultra-feminine style. Aries women tend to prefer bold cuts and colours with smart suave cuts rather than frills, patterns and pastel shades.




Going with their essentially feminine personality, the Bull loves soft, pastel colours denoting a sensual style. Audrey Hepburn’s outfits say it all as she wraps herself in exquisitely delicate fabric and confidently shows her chic and ladylike style.




The Gemini girls adore brighter hues and comfortable clothing styles. Fun loving and bizarre in their personality attributes, the Gemini would not prefer conventional executive suits in dark blues, blacks or greys. Reversible jackets, skirts that can be carried off like dresses or trousers that double as shorts perfectly define Gemini women’s adaptable and versatile quotient.

Kylie Minogue’s transformation from a sweet girl next door style to a suave and sassy siren avatar is certainly a good example of a Gemini woman’s dressing style.




Sensitive, soft and artistic, Cancerians radiate elegance, an inherently chic style and panache. The Cancerians like to go for skirts and dresses than trousers, preferring softer shades like silver, russet and lilac. Princess Diana’s flawless dressing style and instinctive dressing habits say a lot about her mystical knack for fashion.




The dramatic and flamboyant Lion sign is meant to show an affinity towards dazzling colours such as gold, red and purple. Sharp cuts, angular patterns that are bold and demand attention are certainly the picks for this confident persona.

Madonna chooses her clothes to carve a niche for herself and shape an unusual, unseen image.




The Virgo woman is easily attracted to shapely tailoring, elegant finish and minute detailing in clothes. She is particular about her detail and perfection so much that she can walk the entire mall for that ideal hemline. They are choosy and know what they want for their wardrobe with a preference for muted colours and natural tones such as beige, cream, white and fawn. Bright colours or fake fur is not something they would feast their eyes on.




Lovers of harmony and balance, Librans are aficionados for soft, flowing shapes and simple colour tones. They are known to comfortably balance high-end fashion styles with timeless classics. She loves simple fuss-free cuts and muted shades but also adores shades such as mid and dark blue, rose and classy black. She can effortlessly carry silk blouses teamed up with shorts or lengthy flowing dresses with flat sandals. Kate Winslet and Gwyneth Paltrow are typical Librans who have looked beautiful in classic black dresses and neutral shades respectively.




Intensely passionate and inherently seductive Scorpion loves bright colours such as dark blue, red and black. They can use silk, satin and velvet to their best advantage as that complements her sensuality perfectly. Slinky shapes work best for them while sharply tailored cuts or hard fabrics do not add any feathers to their cap.  




Sagittarians love practical and sporty attire. For them slip-on-dresses, trousers and leggings are perfect and what they steer clear from are fussy designs and complicated patterns. Beads, sequins and dresses with flairs do not become a part of their wardrobe usually. A typical Sagittarius, Jane Fonda can carry off tracksuits and zip-up fleece with much elan.




The dignified goat with a subtle and conservative demeanour is essentially happy with the little black dress. Bright patterns and bizarre designs are a strict no-no for this star sign. Royal blue, grey, brown or black tailored suits and dresses match their understated style statement well.

The Capricorn woman must trust her instincts while choosing her dress for the occasion as their intuitive choice of colours and patterns can complement their sense of elegance that is simple and uncluttered yet feminine, showing their poise to the world.

Kate Middleton’s dark blue engagement dress was a perfect ensemble to showcase her toned body to the best effect.




Often found drifting away from the conventional modes of dressing, the eccentric Aquarius persona thinks of colours with all their vividness, patterns and styles with their quirky factor. The water sign cannot be restricted in particular dress codes such as tight-fitted trousers and jackets.

With an individualistic persona and a strong sense of style, they always feel free to express themselves through their dressing style.  Actress Carmen Miranda has made tropical fruit hats her style statement, choosing not to merge with the crowd.




The sensitive Pisceans love bling, dazzle and shimmer. Silver, reflective white and green are the colours that bond well with their persona while bold, rough colours and patterns are not what they would indulge in. Pisceans do not seek attention and their clothes should well accentuate their curves and body movements. Little pumps or sandals can look pretty on them, making them glide freely like the sign they resemble- the fish.

Elizabeth Taylor looked royal and ravishing in her flowing robes as Cleopatra, bringing the Piscean woman’s feminine and fragile characteristic traits to the limelight.


So now you know how to impress your date by dressing up the way you will love yourself. Surprise him everytime you meet by looking the best you can.

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