These Are the Best Excuses You Can Use to Go Out With Your Boyfriend

Excuses To Go With Boyfriend

Excuses To Go With Boyfriend – Firstly, giving excuse to any one is such a big deal as people hardly buy them.

And, especially if you have to give an excuse to your parents-to go out with your boyfriend, then it’s like a “storm” on your face.

You are afraid that one bad excuse will bring a lot of blaze with several questions and it’ll end up with a NO. All the girls who FAILED in convincing their parents will relate to what I just said.

No wonder, if you have a boyfriend then you of course want to spend quality time with him. Isn’t it? And believe us  there are many types of excuses that work in favor and to all the other girls you can use them now.

Take a look at the Excuses To Go With Boyfriend

  1. Something related to studies

Oh! Yeah. Girls very well know if there’s something related to studies then our parent’s give us leeway. Studies related like project work or compulsion of assignment with friend helps in difficult time and no wonder in this case it surely does.

  1. Extra Lecture

There’s an extra lecture in college which can’t be missed is an excuse that acts like a perfect convincing factor.

  1. Functions

No doubt, many girls use this excuse to go out. “Marriages” are on the top of the mind and this is mostly used excuse. E.g. your best friend’s sister’s marriage is there and it’s necessary to attend the wedding.

  1. Birthday Party

You can go out by saying it’s your friend’s birthday and she’s giving a birthday treat…And, if your parents know how glutton you are it acts like a plus point. Isn’t it? Well, to all the girls who’ve used this one they’ll relate to it very well.

  1. Let’s go to shopping

Oh! Wait you don’t have to tell this to your parents. Instead, you can give reasons like “You are just joining your friend for shopping”.

  1. Movie?

Well, you can use this as an excuse too. You can say like “there’s one new movie that just recently released and it’s seems interesting so you are going to watch that one”.

  1. I’m not well

Many girls use this “not well” excuse by saying “There’s a lot of suffocation inside home and going out will help me free my mind a bit”. Hey, but don’t try the “so-called” tricks to fall real sick because you can act it out better.

  1. All my friends are going

When you’re using all the above 7 reasons as an excuse then don’t forget to use this one along with it. These words are like “magic” that most girls use and for those who never used this one just try your luck out.

These are the Excuses To Go With Boyfriend – What do you think about the Excuses To Go With Boyfriend?

Do you know more like these ? Then do not forget to mention them below!

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