How To Cope With Monday Morning Blues

It’s THAT day of he week again. Everybody hates Monday, right? Nothing seems to happen right. Whatever you do, things go outbid control on this godforsaken day.

It’s THAT day of the week again. Everybody hates Monday, right? Nothing seems to happen the way we want it to. Whatever you do, things go outbid control on this godforsaken day. Is it because we don’t want to go to work/college after a two-day beak? Or Mondays are eternally damned to be hated by all of us? Whatever it is, here are ways to cope with the infamous Monday morning blues. Read on:

Prepare your mind:
On Sunday night, before going to bed. Prepare your mind for the next morning. Condition your mind in such a way that blues seem just a fantasy theory and not a fragment of reality. Mind is a tool that can be easily schooled to react in a certain way. You have to talk to it and make it listen to you as you would to a friend. It’s easier to go to work on a Monday when you are mentally prepared to handle the horrors that come your way.

Eat a yum breakfast:
Food is what binds us together, isn’t it? So make sure you eat big and yum on this day. Prepare your favourite dish and have a tall glass of seasonal juice to feel healthy and good. You’ll forget about the day being a Monday when you have great food to look forward to. In fact, you can make something yummy for lunch as well. Or order in something delicious at work/college.

Song on loop:
Even if you come across as crazy in your weird head-banging ways on the street, listening to your favorite song on loop works wonders for the system. It will make you a better person, more tolerable and calm. You will feel like a superman who have the entire world at his/her feet and can do just about anything! Get into the groove and dance your way through this day. Sounds good, eh?

Meditate for a bit:
Before beginning your day at work or college, meditate for a bit. Just close your eyes, shut out all thoughts that are bothering you and breath in and out. You will feel calm, composed and prepared to take on the world. They say that your inner energy can be utilized to do productive work. So shun your smartphone for a bit and concentrate on getting your chores done.

Watch your favourite sitcom:
When you’re travelling to work or college, flip out your smartphone and put it good use. Watch a couple of episodes of your favourite sitcom to abandon your blues and laugh like a child. Sitcoms will pop up your mood and make you want to work hard so you can go back home and unwind with a couple of more episodes. Try this out, it works!

Monday is the start of the week and you have to be on full power mode to take on everything that comes your way. Don’t let the blues get you because you have four more days till the weekend. And you need all the energy possible! Agree?

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