How to adjust with your roomies

We give you tips to be a super roomie who everybody loves to crash with!

If you’re planning to move in with a friend, colleague or a total stranger, there are certain rules to follow in order to get along like a house on fire with your roomie. You may be the best of friends, but when it comes to living together on an everyday basis, dimensions can change, and how! We tell you some ways to adjust with your roommate(s). Read on!


Bathroom sessions:
Some people take an hour under the shower, while some get done in a jiffy. You have to have a frank discussion about your bathroom sessions, especially if you have a single loo-bathroom combo. In fact, most folks fight over keeping the toilet seat and wet floors. So make sure to keep everything neat for your roomie. Being a bit considerate will help you earn brownie points with them.

Dishwasher duties:
Sharing a room is not different from marriage as both (or all) of you have to pool in and share the chores so that there’s no issue at home. You can do dishes on alternate days or on morning/evening basis. This way, both of you would be contributing towards house duties.

When folks come over:
If you’re aware that your roomie’s family is coming over, it’s best to give them privacy. Make sure that you have a friend you can crash with for the night. This way, when your folks come over, your roomie will try to scoot too! If you don’t have anywhere to go, just be polite and friendly with the family and stay put in your room.

Monthly supplies:
Managing your finanes is of utmost importance as it can ruin relationships quicker than any thing. Draw up a budget and pool in accordingly, so that both of you are spending equally on the supplies. This hold true for the rend, electricity bill and other finances as well.

Foods and drinks:
Be a good roomie by not finishing the last of the milk or eating up all the eggs in the fridge. Keep some for your roommmate and always ask them before going on an eating spree.

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