5 Beauty Benefits Of Oats You Have Never Known

Beauty benefits of oats

Beauty benefits of oats  –  Oatmeal has a trail of beauty benefits. It has all the properties to keep your heart healthy and lower your cholesterol level.

The weight watchers and nutrition experts swear by oatmeal for obvious reasons. Many people will dodge oats because of the boring taste but if tossed with dry fruits, sesame seeds, fresh figs, fresh strawberries or bananas, it doesn’t taste as bad. In like manner as the dieticians, dermatologists would also recommend oats for a soft and supple skin.

If you have sensitive, flaky skin which is prone to allergy or eczema, oats can simply moisturize your skin and bring forth the hidden glow.

It administers nutrients in the skin and makes it drool-worthy.

Here are 5 beauty benefits of Oats you need to know:

  1. You can wash your face with Oats as it is a natural cleanser. It goes deep into the pores because of the saponin content.
  2. You can use oats as a scrub because of the ingrained texture that goes down well with even sensitive skin.
  3. Oats is purely beneficial for curing sunburn. It has the soothing anti-oxidant content that has all the healing and nourishing properties. You can mix aloe vera gel, cold milk, rosewater and Oats together to apply as a facepack. Don’t forget to apply cold compress.
  4. It may be more surprising a fact for you that oats can be applied as shampoo too. It helps promote hair growth and makes it longer and way stronger. But then, it can only be used as a dry shampoo. The grounded oats have sodium bi carbonate, which can be sprinkled over the hair to let it absorb the oil followed by a simple brushing.
  5. Oats can reduce skin itchiness also. Collodial oats are beneficial for reducing fungal infections. Use it when cleansing or bathing, you should see the results in a few days.

These are the 5 beauty benefits of oats apart from eating. There are three kinds of grains, rolled, grounded and steel cut, all of whom tendering same goodness.

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