Don’t date this guy!

After your first date with him, if he appears to be any of these personality types, you should totally avoid seeing him again.

You are at a friend’s party and you get those special looks from this guy, who looks decently attractive. You both get into a conversation and he asks you out for a date. In the spur-of-the-moment you say yes and next you find yourself with him at a fancy restaurant. But you don’t seem to be enjoying your time with him and just want to break free. If he is any of these personality types, you should totally avoid him and a lot of unnecessary grief.

The self-obsessed: You are wearing your best dressed and have admired at yourself in the mirror before going out with him. Of course, you will try to woo him with your looks and charm. But hey, he doesn’t even say a word of appreciation. All that he is talking about is how he’s a favourite amongst girls in office, his swanky new car, his dad’s flourishing business, his this and his that. He is so full of himself that all he can do is brag and doesn’t seem to realise how big a turnoff his pompous attitude is.


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