Children’s Day special: Things that take us back to our bachpan

We celebrate Children’s Day by taking a look at all the things that remind us of our bachpan.

There were so many things we did as kids that have become part of us. From watching endless shows of cartoon to lying face down on the couch to playing soccer with daddy, those were the golden days of our life. We take a look at things that take us back to our childhood. Happy Children‘s Day, all!

Malgudi Days:
Sunday mornings would be incomplete without RK Narayan’s epic novel ‘Malgudi Days’ making its presence felt on our TVs. You can still hum the iconic catchy tune ‘Ta Na Na Na’, right?

Pigging out on ice cream:
With age comes guilt. But as children, binging on ice cream and junk was the best thing to have happened to us and we enjoyed those treats guilt-free.


Reading Tinkle Digest:
Be it long train journeys or sleepovers at your cousin’s place, no ‘major’ event was complete without reading the great Tinkle Digest. Uncle Pie was our favourite go-to guy!



As a kid, I used to pronounce it as ‘eyes spice’, but the memory of playing out in the sun is still vivid. What I really miss about this game is my childhood friend screaming ‘Ice boy, ice boy!’ instead of I-spy. Awww.



Name, Place, Animal, Thing:
It was the one game that united us and is the best part of growing up, Name Place Animal Thing. Remember how we used to cook up names? How we struggled to think of names of animals and places when stuck with difficult alphabet like ‘Q’, ‘Z’ and ‘U’? Oh, what joy!


Birthday excitement:
Wearing civil clothes to school, carrying a box full of chocolates and being fussed over by everybody…oooh, what fun! Birthdays were such a joyous event back then when age was truly just a number.


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