Did you know that Chinese Deers Can Live in Water?

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Chinese Water Deers do not totally look similar to the normal deers who are small in appearance. Unlike the normal deer, it can dive and live in water and spend hours in water. They spend maximum hours of the day floating in the water. They are highly fond of water and so they are known as Chinese Water Deers. The body appearances are different from the antelope deers and also their living is not similar at all. The deers have tusks instead of antelopes. This is also a reason that they are known as Vampire deer.

Some of the interesting facts of Chinese deers when they live in water.

These are known as Chinese deers, who have the ability to jump in the water when they are chased by any of the enemies. Swimming for hours and living in water is not only to escape from any predator but also as they are fond of being in the water. They can swim for hours without being tired in water.

By floating and swimming they can be seen eating the floating water flowers and leaves. Yes, they do not depend on any prey as similar to other deer they are herbivores. These Chinese deer are peace-loving and love to stay in groups near the riverside.

The Chinese Deers are available in China and different parts of Asia. Apart from it, they are seen in France, Argentina and different parts of the US. In 1870, it was first imported to Britain after which it was able to be taken in a breeding program and spread the animal breed overseas.

The reason to call them the Vampire deer is the long canines that are pointed. It provides them with a vampire look but actually, they are peaceful animal and do not engage in the unworthy fight. Apart from the pointed canine teeth, it is the fangs of the deer that is similar to musk deer. Musk deer are the same with similar features but they do not swim in water like Chinese water Deer.

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How big is a Chinese water deer?

The size of Chinese water deer can be compared to the size of a dog. The size ranges from 18 inches to 22 inches in height and 2 feet to 3 feet long. Chinese deer live in water and hereby they strong hind legs but it is longer than front legs. Watching them running is a treat to the eyes as they hop like a rabbit. Less they can run but mostly they are seen hopping from one place to another with their back legs.

They are peace lovers and want to spend time on their own hopping around and swimming.  They do not like to entertain trespassers and are shy animals living near the riverside. Females’ Chinese water deers are seen swimming in groups, moving around. Unlike male!

Chinese deers live in the water enjoying themselves on their own, they are unique who is mostly seen roaming in the dusk. They are basically prone to behave as crepuscular.

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