Ooh la la! Six Chocolate Myths Debunked To Make You Happier

Chocolate myths

Chocolate myths – Owing to its popularity we can very gladly say that, chocolate is the king of flavors.

From infant to old, all have a crush towards that creamy, silky, brown and sweet bar. Other than a health-conscious diabetic, you would seldom meet a person who would not accept a chocolate. Though you would love to have such person, who says no to chocolate, because it is very tough to share it with someone.

But owing to its sweet and high calorie nature chocolate is often forced to be dropped from your diet regime.

For all those chocolate lovers over there, we have a list of Chocolate myths debunked in this article to make you happier.

Chocolate myths –

Chocolate myths

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” We are fond of this quote. It is like words given to our feelings. Since childhood, we all faced separation from chocolate as it is considered to be the agent of tooth decay & cavity, right? What a painful parting! But this age-old myth is toppled. Hurray! According to some Japanese study it is said that cocoa bean fights the mouth bacteria, thus making chocolates harmless for the teeth. It is better to be in the safe side, though it doesn’t harm your teeth, but washing your mouth after having something is always a good idea.

Chocolate myths

Elders often prevents the children from biting the silky, brown bar; because it is slandered to have no nutritional values. Again, a punch for this myth, is that the dark chocolate in the shelf which is summoning you contains iron, potassium, zinc and minerals. It has high levels of anti-oxidants.

Chocolate myths

Now the teenagers have a great problem with acne. Someone maligned chocolate, to be responsible for the popping out of those beauty spots. To control it, with heavy heart our young buddies must bid adieu to their secret lover (the chocolate, not your…). Though the fat content in the slab may cause acne break, but it is not necessary. Most of the time the skin type and hormonal changes are responsible for acnes. Stop blaming our beloved chocolates.

Chocolate myths

Now for the grownups, who are adjusting with the roller coaster drive of life. Chocolate is said to increase the fat content in the blood affecting the cardiovascular muscle and is bad for the lovely heart. That’s not fair, how can someone give so many myths to keep the chocolate away! Yes, this is also a myth, which we are debunking. According to some researchers, who love chocolates like us it is proved that, chocolates have heart health benefit. Consumption of dark chocolate can prevent coronary heart diseases, type2 diabetics, obesity and cancer. In short it improves the immune system.

Chocolate myths

This cocoa product is said to increases the stress level. But studies reveal that, when you have a chocolate it reduces the stress hormone and calms you down. Don’t forget to grab a chocolate next time you feel stressed.

It is said that, chocolates have high level of caffeine in it. Though it is true, but the content is much lower compared to your cup of coffee or tea.

Chocolate myths

These are the few myths mentioned above, which forced you to keep the chocolate away. Since, you know the facts from this article, now you can make the chocolate-haters understand the myths & reality. Don’t forget to gift them a slab of the silky love.

These are Chocolate myths. Now some cherry on the chocolate cake is that, your chocolate love can improve your memory both visibly and verbally. As the cocoa has stimulating effects, which increases the memory power. Remember chocolate can be the reason for you to outlive! Everything that makes you happy, is always good for you other than addiction. Make sure you enjoy your bit with responsibility, so that maximum benefits are ushered into your life.

Have a happy chocolaty day!

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