5 ways to enjoy a Saturday

Do something for yourself this Saturday. What? Read on…

It’s Saturday already and you have nothing planned this weekend. You probably thought about making plans on the fly, but that isn’t working out either. Fret not! We drum up five ways for you to enjoy a supercool Saturday. Read on:

No smartphone day:
Sounds rather crazy, eh? Well, it kinda is. If you want to truly enjoy this day, make sure to switch your smartphone, iPad and other fancy gadgets off. It’s the day to unwind and discover the real you! Don’t constantly fret about what you’re missing out on by not being ‘connected’, instead think of what all you have not been able to enjoy, thanks to your hectic lifestyle. If you really wish to have a complete day for yourself, unhook your landline phone too!

Make a lavish brunch…for yourself!
Yes! Nothing works wonders than a lavish brunch…that’s made for you, by you. Go all out and think up crazy foods that you have always wanted to eat. Be it a typical English breakfast or a seven-course menu, make sure to pamper yourself. When you’re cooking for yourself, you’re actually indulging in therapy as cooking rejuvenates one. Since cooking is probably something very ‘hatke’ from your everyday activity, you’re going to have a lot of fun rediscovering your creative side.

Go window-shopping
Window-shopping has the power to uplift your mood like no other thing. It does something to your adrenaline, which pumps a lot of energy into your system that makes you raring to go and take on the world! From delicate chinaware  to intricate saris, window-shop for everything! You might just come across something very useful for yourself or your home. Also, do this alone as not everybody enjoys going out on mindless expeditions. Are you still reading it or have left already?

Catch up with your school chum:
You may not be in touch now, but you were buddies once so relive your school days by meeting up with an old chum. From finding out about your classmates to what your crushes are up to, you’re bound to have a gala time with each other. Meet at a sit-back cafe or for a lazy lunch to really get to know one another. You never know, you might just rekindle your friendship and become best buds for life! What’s the harm in trying, eh?

Take an oil bath:
Well, this ritual is something that’s part of my growing up. My grandmother used to oil my hair every saturday, before giving me a nice hot water wash. Those days, Saturday baths were equal to spa sessions and much loved by everyone in the family. It’s not possible to do this these days, but I do make it a point to pamper myself on Saturdays, if and when I can. You can use aromatic oils, sensual oils and good old coconut oil for a luxurious and relaxing time. This is also one of the best stress busters in the world.

This is what we have on our platter today. What about you? How are you planning to spend your Saturday? Do let us know in the comments section below…

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