Koffee With Karan With Kajol And Ayan: The Brother-Sister Duo Are A Riot!

What do you get when you have the loud and vehement Kajol sit next to the cute and witty Ayan Mukerji ‘“ a perfect recipe of an interesting confab.

What do you get when you have the loud and vehement Kajol sit next to the cute and witty Ayan Mukerji – a perfect recipe of an interesting confab. KJo started the show with his usual flowery introductions of course. And when he said, “the basic love Kajol is capable of making to the camera has made her stand out,” I truly couldn’t agree more. The actor looked as pretty as ever in a full-sleeved gown. And isn’t she like fine wine, getting better with age? Kajol was as always in her usual ‘effervescent and roaring’ self. Of course Johar had to remind the chatty babe that he’s the host of the show. I loved the chemistry between the siblings. They have immense respect for each other but at the same time love bullying the hell out of each other.

Here are the 5 coolest moments of the show,

1) The cat is out of the bag. Kajol is not very fond of her sister Tanishaa’s choice Armaan Kohli. While she is very proud of the way her li’l sis conducted herself on the show, she still has her doubts if she wants to accept Armaan as her future brother-in-law. You should have seen her expression when she said, “I am not too sure about Armaan yet, we will see what happens next though.” The dislike for Armaan was clearly visible on Kajol and Karan’s face.

2) Kajol irritated the [email protected]#out of everyone by placing her husband Ajay Devgn on the top most slot of every list possible, be it in the area of acting abilities or good looks. Now that was super annoying for the viewers and KJo alike. But Johar made sure he nipped all that ‘husband appreciation’ hogwash in the bud by not mentioning Ajay in any of his questions thereon. Now that was a rather smart move.

3) It was surprising to see Kajol take away the Koffee quiz award. While our eyes were glued to Ayan, who’s always had this image of an intelligent filmmaker, expecting him to nail it; Kajol beat him by answering some of the most difficult questions with a conspicuous joy of winning on her face.

4) What puzzled me was when Ayan named Katrina as the prettiest gal and the heroine with better IQ in the current lot, and placed her above Deepika. I always thought he was better friends with Padukone than Kaif. Have his loyalties shifted, now that good friend Ranbir is dating Kat? Well, if that’s the case then it’s kinda ridiculous…

5) It was nice to hear about the interesting insight Kajol gave about her relationship with husband Ajay. She said very practically that they do have their rocky moments but they make sure to work on their relationship every single day because they have always known, right since the start, that they are in it for the long run. Isn’t that cute?

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