5 most annoying things on Facebook

Here are certain things on Facebook that annoy the hell out of us. Read on!

The year is coming to a close and it’s been one rollercoaster journey. Social media was also quite colourful this year, but there are certain things about Facebook that pissed us off to no end. Read on to find out more!

Marriage and engagement pictures:
Just go to your home feed and you’ll see some 50 people posting about their marriage and engagement in colourful detail. If this wasn’t enough, there’s the lot that’s giving birth to babies by the dozen. Oh, did we forget about ‘I love you so much, baby’ status updates?



Candy Crush requests:
One of the most annoying games on Facebook, this candy play off had the not-so enthusiasts shooting daggers at the Candy loyalists. Just do a quick search, you’ll find at least three people abusing anybody who sends them a Candy Crush request. No kidding!



Can I make fraandship with you?
Well, this one is a classic. This gem of a line has been part of FB since its inception and is here to stay. Every other day there’s a creep out there wanting to make ‘fraandship’ with you. Whatever that means anyway!



Bitstrip overdose:
Yeah, we get it. You love those cartoon strips about your everyday activities, but it annoys the hell out of us. Your friends don’t care about it, your colleagues don’t care about it…hell, even the person you have made it for doesn’t give a damn.


Ah, well. How can we forget the word of the year that’s taken the world by storm? Selfie is a part of every timeline and newsfeed and is something we can do without. Too many Selfies are and easy way to piss anybody off.



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