Bigg Boss & Airlines: Television Fight For Airtime Between Salman Khan & Tulip Joshi

TV shows based on airlines industry. Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 8 and Tulip Joshi’s Airlines on Star Plus. Innovative ideas or just to en-cash the glamour industry?

A battle truly becomes epic when it is fought in all three forms: Land, water and air!

The battle for TRP’s on TV is no small battle either. All the shows currently on air have their characters and storylines based on land only.

However, things are changing as the competition gets tougher. Glittering new arms and ammunitions are out and the spectacle in only going to grow bigger and bigger in scale!

Beginning is already made by Star Plus with the launch of their new show Airlines!

It is about a female pilot and her life played by Bolly-actress Tulip Joshi.

Not to be left behind, Colors will soon be launching their own money-minting machine, Bigg Boss 8 which is already becoming talk of the town with its teasers showing Salman Khan as a pilot!

Isn’t it exciting with a female pilot pitted against a male pilot?

A struggling film-actress’ debut on TV in a fictional show against a reigning superstar’s favorite time-pass reality show! This definitely sounds like a promising warfare!!

Well, reports for Airlines are still mixed, but it has just started and may take time for audiences to get hooked on to it. On the other hand, Bigg Boss 8 is making all the right noises and a few leaked pictures of house for this season are creating an exciting buzz! Of course, both the shows are based on different formats and there can be no comparison, but how can we overlook the timing of the launch of two shows based on same idea- Airline industry!

May be the decision makers have realized that audience has matured and is eager to watch new and different stuff on their favorite channels. Now since most of the professions are used and abused, the whole glamour quotient revolving around the airline industry was yet to be tapped. With the private airlines already upping the ante with rigorous wild price-wars in real life, every Indian is getting a chance to fly at an economical cost. What better than to entice them, seduce them more and more by making shows like these!

Who knows, these airlines might be silent investors of these shows? Hmmm

If this new experiments succeeds, the next battle might be fought underwater with shows based on submarines or in yachts or hey, may be they can show an extra-terrestrial show based on Mars!

Quite intriguing, right?

Well, whatever happens, at least for the avid couch potato, it surely means more variety.

Let’s hope the entertainment quotient remains real high!

Enjoy the flight guys!

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