Australia PM Tony Abbott Has Plebiscite On Gay Marriage


In Canberra, on Tuesday night the six-hour joint party room meeting took a sudden twist by PM who opened the bars of boundations to referendum on gay marriage.

Between the meeting MPs were split 60/30, with the majority in favour of maintain the coalition’s position of marriage that should be between a man and woman.

Tony Abbott also successfully killed off the push to legislate for gay marriage that indirectly substantial grabs the voter and win for the embattled Prime Minister.

Mr. Abbott said “That it is not necessary to view of party forever, but now it was the position they took 2013 election and be honoured for the remainder of parliamentary term”.

“If Abbott should dud his people who voted for him only,” that’s what reporters told in Canberra.

The coalition can be on your side if you will support the current position of marriage between a man and a woman, the coalition will be definitely on your side.

The new policy argument arose that caused significant bad blood liberals with Abbott’s deputy leader and also with the foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop, the communications Minister Turnbull were criticising their leader for the way he has conducted the debate.

Mr Abbott also said that the inner personal issue of same-sex marriage was one that should be fully decided by the Australian people, flagging for the possibility of constitutional referendum.

“You can’t stop love and if this parliamentary policy fails to achieve marriage equality we will make sure that one day it has to be taken place and now at its right time it took place,” Australian Marriage Equality’s Rodney Croome said the statement.

At the end of it all, Mr. Abbott summed up by saying that issue would normally warrant a conscience vote for yourself, but it would not in this case because of the amendments to the Marriage Act under John Howard which had enshrined marriage in policy.

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