The Changing Trends Of Class Reunions

Class reunions

Class reunions – When we sat in class, waiting for the bell to ring, so that we can be rid of that boring Math class, did we realize then that we would be aching to go back to that very classroom years later, when we are married and settled down with kids?

Time is such a strange phenomenon, right, which you cannot hold on to, but at the same time, wish for the same time to come back to us?

The only solace we have is the hope of a Class reunions with our friends.

Love it or loathe it, high school is a defining period of most people’s lives. Social media has made it easier to stay in touch with your old crew, but there’s just nothing like getting together in person to discuss the glory days.

Class reunions

Class reunions are a great way to catch up with old friends, relive old memories and enjoy a night of fun experiences with people you have known for many, many years.

While some people think school days as the best time of their lives, it’s not true for everyone. You might have spent all those years cursing the fellow classmates, teachers and everyone else there and thought of never coming back to this place ever, but its high time that you should get over the hate and reconnect with our old friends. With everyone being busy in the job market or moving on with their lives, it is very difficult for someone to take the plunge and plan that pending reunion you guys always talked about.

It is a fun time to remind each other of all the stupid things you cribbed about and shared a few laughs is always a good idea. Sorry, but it might make you bit emotional and its flashback of who you used to be back then.

Class reunions

Remember the time when you used to go to washroom, bunk classes and played football together and thought nothing will grow you apart? Unless and until you’re one of the few lucky people, who are still connected with their best friends, you’re going to love spending time with your school besties, and such events will never come back. Old friendships are real gold.

Group memories are shared best in a group. So, if you actually get successful in making the reunion plan, don’t forget to take the picture to be remembered for the rest of your life, and which you will proudly show to your kids.

Confession- Thanks to social media that we do know what our ex-classmates are upto. The girl who said will never get married is happily married now and the nerd you bullied in school is now on a top notch job in California. But, timeline posts aren’t real conversations! Being someone’s “friend” on Facebook does not mean you know anything about them other than what they did last Friday night.

Class reunions

If you were one of the kids who quite didn’t fit the model back then and weren’t one of the popular kids in school, and you think now you’ve made a wonderful life for yourself, it’s time for some show off. Perhaps, it’s time to get your sweet revenge when you see the look of your classmate you most hated back then.

All of us love to know how our spouses were back in school. When you’ve shared all the funny school incidents with her/him and he/she has heard about all of your classmates, this will give them a real insight and they’ll finally put the face to the names.

Students and teachers saw us growing above our mistakes, shallowness and loved us the way we were. If you think you’ve hurt someone back then, and never got a chance to say sorry, this is the right time. Thank your teachers and also a friend who helped you score marks at the last moment.

It will be good to meet people’s relatives, and tell them embarrassing high school tales. And, you’ll get invited to the marriages yet to happen.

Making friends out of your college and office is a good networking opportunity. Now, someone’s a doctor, a lawyer, an HR professional, a journalist – all under one roof. So, it’s important not to miss it by any chance.

Everything just got easier with time, and now we have social media to connect and arrange that beautiful day Class reunions and be a part of it. What is the best thing about the day are the memories you take back with you. And when you get older, you still have them around you for company.

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