Why Is Shetpal Maharashtra Known As The Soul Of India?

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Indian villages have an individuality that distinguishes them from one another. The wide cultures in different parts of the country villages make them special and attractive together. Due to their unique cultures, they are popular worldwide apart from India. A culture includes lifestyle, food and surroundings distinctively attractive in the Soul of India.

Apart from it taking care of the avatars of God that exist on the earth in form of animals or other creatures is part of their culture. Apart from the popular celebration of Nag Panchami in the village, each home has a space known as “Devasthanam” for the snakes. It is the reason Shetpal village, Maharashtra is known as the Soul of India.

Pets have always been special members of many families, it can be dogs and cats. But it is difficult to believe that poisonous snakes like cobras can be part of the pet families.

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Indian Mythology and the Soul of India

Cobra is one of the most dangerous animals in the world that is a powerful deity. In Indian mythology, the Shiva has the necklace of a snake and cobra. Surrounding his neck and shoulder is an ornament describing the power of the Lord to have the ability to drink poisonous elements of the earth. Religion and humanity exist together, in the village, the so-called soul of India.

The poison of cobra is so intense that it can kill a person through a bite in a few seconds. On other hand, Nag or Cobra is offered milk and worshipped as an avatar of Lord Shiva. The connection between the deity, snake, and Hindu religion is still as seen in the Shetpal village, Maharashtra.

The presence of the animals, such as cows, peacocks, bulls, and snakes is encouraged as part of their life. They feed them with vegetables and milk, as well as cherish their presence in their surroundings. Similarly the Shetpal village has a culture of providing shelter to the Cobras as their pets. None of the villagers attempt to drive them away from their campus. Similar to the villagers and other animals they are free to move around.

Nag Panchami 2020: When is it Celebrated And What is The Significance of  Worshipping Snakes

Nag Panchami the festivities of Shetpal Village

Nag Panchami is the festivity to cherish the power of Cobra. But the festival has nothing to celebrate with Lord Shiva. It is only to offer Nag, as an idol that takes place in different parts of the country. About thousands of devotees arrive to worship the Cobra. There is hardly any case of bites or deaths while there are hundreds of Cobra roaming around in the village.

Though Cobra represents the warmth and blessings of Lord Shiva, the reason for cherishing the day is different. Nag Panchami was the day, Lord Krishna defeated the Kaliya snake, So, both deities remind the significance of Nag Panchami. Milk or items made of milk are offered to the idol. Children or any farmer working in the field move without any fear, it defines the inner grace of the soul of India.

Villagers of the Shetpal village, Maharashtra relive the religion, culture, and humanity fearlessly in the soul of India.

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