Young Startup Business Entrepreneurs Earns 50 Lakhs

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“Cuskart” a startup business by an entrepreneur company from Jharkhand that earns 50 lakhs of turnover. The company was established in 2020 when two brothers Kundan Mishra and Abhishek Mishra had stepped into the bootstrapping business. Their business is now not only operating in Jharkhand but also in different parts of east India. 

They are present in Bokaro and as intense to the Nagaland, Northeast. Altogether in less time, the conception of bootstrapping business has sparkled their career. They are graduates from IIM and the mastermind to guide them is the CEO of AIC-SMU Technology Business Incubation, foundation, Professor Tej S Chingtham. 

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The Early Life of Kundan Mishra

At the age of his 20s, Kundan Mishra aimed to do something for his career. But his intention was nothing related to bootstrapping as his thoughts were inclined to start an online salon aggregator. But it was not easy to begin without a proper conception of the facts and kind of work to do. Being least bothered about his education or completion Kundan ignored to attend his classes. 

Bunking of classes was to trace the path for his work and career. After the proper guidance of Professor Tej S Chingtham, their intention and views were clear that inspired them to begin with bootstrapping business. 

Alone working in the startup company for Kundan Mishra was not easy and so his brother Abhishek was later with him to help in the startup business. After his graduation, his friends ended up opting for jobs while he separately took working as an entrepreneur. 

The ultimate try was in 2020 that he decided to begin his work of printing T-shirts for college fests. Above all the setup for the business was during the time of the pandemic. When the pandemic had disturbed the entire global economy Cuskart had no much delay or loss in their job. 

Returns were unbelievable

Printing of t-shirts was for 25 engineering colleges for the fests and about one lakh of orders have been completed within the last period of time. This was an unbelievable success for the business startup “Cuskart”. 

Though the beginning is good according to the entrepreneurs the quality issues of the product were affecting to a far extent. To organize selling better qualities of products they began to sell personalized T-shirts with a guarantee. The products are the lowest price of Rs. 300 to Rs. 500. 

Employment for the villagers

The startup business has given opportunities to the people of his villagers. This business has provided work for the needy. And according to Kundan, they will not be required to leave their home seeking jobs. Again the ideas and suggestions were provided by his mentor Professor Tej. The factory is established in Bokaro and the workers are from the nearby location. 

The startup business has been a blessing for both the immediate college pass-outs. They had to struggle and staying depressed about the future but the outcome was beneficial for both the villagers as well as the owners of the “Cuskart”. They have now connected to the educational and corporate institutions which will no doubt ensure higher turnout by the upcoming year. 


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