Why India is Considered As One Of The Intelligent Countries?

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Intelligence is calculated on a number of features relating to IQ level. The Intelligent Quotient is exercises that enable to determine the intelligence of a person. Considering the studies made in the last few years it is observed that India is considered as one of the intelligent countries in the world. There are ways to differ the intelligence of the people of the country. India is a country that suffers from poverty and a lack of education. This pulls down the rank of India considering among the intelligent countries.

But on considering the calculation of rank on a worldwide basis it has won Nobel prizes as the smartest countries in the world. While considering the IQ level India stands in rank 80 as the intelligent country.

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Does it deserve the 80th rank as one of the intelligent countries?

The IQ level or intelligence depends on certain factors. The Lack of a few of the factors leads to the downfall of the rankings on the global basis of IQ. The different kinds of factors that are involved in determining are as follows:


India is still one of the poor countries of the world that do not have the ability to provide complete nutrition to kids. The poor those who earn on daily basis or below the poverty level suffer from malnutrition.

Government schools provide food to the children below the poverty lines but it is not enough for the children. Malnutrition or lack of nutrition in pregnant women passes the ill nutrition to their Kids. This leads to lower IQ levels of the Indian future.

But classes that are able to provide a complete package of nutrition and care have the best ability to show their IQ level.


The complete scope to acquire education is not accessible to all classes of people. Once again due to the lack of food and earnings, most people have to give up studying at their school level. It has given a great challenge to the future of the people with hardships.

Government colleges or schools are not able to provide the complete amenities necessary for school students. While private institutions are not accessible for all groups of people due to high charges in education.


Lack of nutrition at the early stages of a child leads to health issues as they start growing. Simultaneously they do not have the strength and energy to gain exposure to various unfolded education and skills. That will help in developing the intelligence of the child. This is one of the major reasons that has pushed India down among the intelligent countries.

The culture and the environment of India are unbeatable considering its discipline, rules, and regulation. India has always been famous for its art and culture. But once again it has been bounded to certain educated classes or groups. People suffering from poverty do not have any access to a better environment pushing them towards darkness.

This is one of the reasons that India stands in the 80th ranks despite successful discoveries by Indian scholars in ancient times.

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