Interesting Facts About World’s Password Day

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In the digital world, the importance of password is immeasurable. Whatever confidential or privacy-related assignments need the guard of Password. On the first week Thursday, May this “Password Day” is celebrated. The conception to celebrate this day was inspired by Mark Burnett. Later the Intel security had taken the first initiative to celebrate it as the world’s password day from 2013.

The reason for celebrating password day is to create awareness about developing strong passwords. What does the first key of your laptop’s keypad come to mind? It is the day that inspires a person to be creative about their password use. Use the best and strong ones from the Keypads that will keep hackers away from hacking valuable accounts.

While keeping hackers always these are few interesting facts about World’s Password Day.

password day 2

23.4 million Have a common password

No doubt if you have an account on your laptop or any profile account check that no common password is in use. There are about is 23.4 million people in the world who have the password “123456”. It is almost a universal password that any hacker can break and access your account.

Chuck Norris in 2010, On World’s Password Day

Do you have a Facebook account? How old is it? It was in 2010 that a new password was invented. The invention of the new password was “Chuck Norris” which had the ability to work on any Facebook account. It was a master password that was applicable to accounts and breaks the weak passwords.

Multiple accounts same passwords

Yes, about more than 30 per cent of the users have multiple accounts. It can be in social media or any other financial account apps. But it does not matter whether it is a Facebook account or any bank application, the password for all the accounts of the users is the same.

Brute  force attack

The weak passwords have easy access through brute force attacks. Attackers work on security breaches by guessing User’s name, and other personal as well as common information. A hacker can try about 2.18 trillion passwords just within a second to break the password. And it can be earlier for weak passwords.

Password Day: Password is no more

“Password is no more” is a password itself. It is one of the funniest passwords that had a good strength to secure an account. The length and the information of the password are really difficult to guess by the hackers.

The majority of users add 1 & 2

It is a default attempt by the users when they are asked to provide a password for the security of their accounts. Users mostly start with the number 1 and finally end with the number 2. Hereby only one per cent of the web users can provide a strong and safe password.

The utility of password is still less known to people or they are not ready to realize the importance of passwords. Hereby the World’s Password Day focus on inspiring users to develop strong and secured passwords for their account safety.





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