Why Himachal Pradesh Is Known as Navratna By Travel Wanderers?

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Finding the beauty of nature by travel wanderers is not a big deal. But when mentioning Himachal Pradesh, it is discovered as Navratna, because of its everlasting luster. A traveler wants to explore the place to unfold and experience the nature of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded by the mountains, valleys, and undying waterfalls it is the only place that re-invite people.

The blend of architectural parts, ancient history, and the serene nature altogether makes it the place of unbeatable attraction.

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Himachal Pradesh and its Navratna to explore

  • Karsog Valley
  • Janjehli
  • Jibhi
  • Charang Ghati
  • Churah Valley
  • Kalpa
  • Sangla
  • Chitkul
  • Thanedar

Valleys of Himachal Pradesh

When, it is the serenity of valleys, the Karsog valley, and the Churah valley mention the intense magnetism of the place. Travelers visiting the place each time are overjoyed with the surrounding covered with pines and deodar trees. Plants and trees Greenery flaunting around along the valleys with the sheds of blue sky.

Karsog valley the apple orchards, life enchants gratitude of the local people. People plucking and working on cultivating apples, on the other side is the Churah valley. It is a place covered with stretched rifts of terrains. Bikers and adventure travelers find this valley challenging they wish to explore every now and then.

While, roaming around and thinking to spend a day enjoying the beauty of the mountains, terrains, and snow-fed lands. The Jibhi is a great experience to find and breathe in the panoramic views. Trellised by shops and stalls of coffees and snacks, enables to enjoy the beauty of Nature.


Himachal Pradesh is blessed with Navratna, but the stretches of the mountain are desirable to the eyes. The mountains are homes for farmers. Covered with villages and filled with paddy lands having the mesmerizing core influence of farmers’ lifestyle.

Muddy lands, green mountains rendering generates and recalls nature. On other hand, Janjehli is a place blessed with the glances of heritage. Rich heritage warm settled between the showers of snow and the green pines around.

Mountains are also a reason of interest for visitors when trekkers want to experience the treks of stiff terrains. Chitkul ranges, the Indo – Tibet border that is famous for its surroundings with the river Baspa flowing ends the border in the ranges of Himachal Pradesh India.

Worship places

The Navratna has also adorned with religious places and temples. The Land of Buddist Monastries is the place of worship, one of the less known villages hidden in the mountains. Apart from monasteries, there are trenches of temples.

The Sangla is a place located at the India – Tibet borders. It is popular for the snowy atmosphere and the mountains. The place is popular as a religious place dedicated to the lord of Nagas.

The orchards for apples such as Kapla, and Thanedar are the most desirable places for their fills of apples. Thanedar is surrounded by cherries and apples that give a shed of redness blending with green making it the closest to Himachal Pradesh.

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